Become a Google AdWords Certified Professional ?

To become Google AdWords Display Certified Professional you need pass exams conducted by Google on AdWords Fundamentals exam and Display Advertising exam. Below image is my certificate, certified by Google after passing the AdWords Fundamentals exam and AdWords

About Google AdWords Fundamentals Test 2017

Google AdWords fundamental examination tests the exam takers about The basic and intermediate aspects of online advertising and AdWords, Benefits of online advertising, How to set up and manage an AdWords campaign and How to

How to Add Professional CSS Alert Boxes in Blogger

When creating a clean and attractive website, you don’t ever want to ruin it with error pages. Although they are not always unavoidable, many scripts can easily return a clean error message. Using a simple

Spy Software for Whatsapp Messenger

Whatsapp the messaging app used by billion of peoples in the world, which allows for texting and Call another WhatsApp user for free over the internet and soon Video calling will be also available out