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How To Jailbreak Amazon Fire TV Stick?

How To Jailbreak Amazon Fire TV Stick?: In this article, we will tell you, how to Jailbreak Amazon Fire Sticks. But, before even learning about the Jail Breaking. You need to have a fair look at the definition of Amazon Fire TV Stick. Which is – Fire TV Stick connects you to a world of online entertainment. With 2000+ apps, watch thousands of movies and TV shows on HDTV. The all-new Alexa Voice Remote can easily find, play, and control content. Simply say “Alexa, find thrillers” and Alexa will show you results. How To Jailbreak Amazon Fire TV Stick?

How To Jailbreak Amazon Fire TV Stick?

So, what does the term Jailbreak even mean? Sounds like it’s illegal. Well, not. Jailbreaking simply means installing your apps outside of the Amazon App Store. Now, of course, Amazon makes it difficult which is why we call it Jailbreaking. Because we are breaking out of these parameters for better options. When they want to keep you locked in here, so you become a Prime Video member and pay them $12.99 a month. Or, whatever it is.

So with this hat, you are going to get the world’s best LIVE TV App Called FINESSE TV. It’s going to give you the full cable channel lineups for India, US, Canada, US and other countries. We are talking about full sports packages. So, all the major sports will be there including the pay per view events like UFC boxing and WWE. All the premium channels – HBO, Showtime Cinemax, Starz, your local regional channels as well. So, you can follow your local news, all the kid’s networks and even the 24/7 Adult Channels and also an App called Titanium TV.

Which is going to give you all your favourite movies and TV series on demand. Which means, when you want to watch them, not when they air, live so between Finesse TV and Titanium TV. You are going to get the best of both worlds live TV and on-demand and think about it- you are going to get full access to the world’s largest movie collection. That is priceless. So, are you excited? Well, let’s jump to it. First, you are going to go to settings. And down to our Fire TV toggle.

Then, down to the developer options and turn both ADB Debugging and Apps from Unknown sources on. Hit your back button, go over to preferences. Next, and down the features content. You are going to turn both of these off. So, this is going to stop those annoying Prime Video commercials from Auto-Playing every time you boot your Fire Stickup. Hit your home button now.

So, the first two apps we download are going to be tools – the first one is called the downloader, which is in the Amazon App Store. You can type it in or use voice search which you may also do. Either way, you need to search for downloader app and there it is. Right there, we are going to install it. Then, open it and next you are going to put this URL in HTTP:// and click “GO BUTTON.” Now the File Download Progress will start. And, we are going to install the file link app. And, we are going to open it up now.

Here, we want to enter this code – 16077973. Now, click Continue. And, you are going to land on’s Fire Stick Jailbreak Hack. These five apps right here are going to be our Jailbreak and we are going to download each of them by clicking on this arrow over here to the right. That’s one. And, we are going to wait till you get all the free bars. Going all the way across all five of them. So, now they are downloaded, but we still have to install each of them.

By clicking on all these five arrows, but first, while we are on this page, we are going to give you a quick rundown of these five apps. So, Finesse TV and Titanium TV are the meat and potatoes of this Jailbreak. Remember Finesse TV is the LIVE TV App. Titanium is the video-on-demand app. Finesse TV is a subscription-based and only cost $12.99 a month. And, remember this is like getting a two hundred dollars satellite package. But, actually much more because you are going to get all the LIVE Pay per view events like UFC, Boxing and WWE as well as the 24/7 adult channels, all-inclusive.

This also supports additional devices. So, if you wanted to put it on a tablet or your smartphone on the go. It’s only like three dollars for each additional device. Titanium TV is free. People and once again are gaining tens of thousands a movie title which is like having the largest DVD collection in the world at your fingertips. Now, the third app is express VPN which undoubtedly is the most important app.

You need to have a VPN. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and if you are not familiar with that term, please do a little research in today’s world. You need to stay protected. Not only when you are out there streaming movies. But you need to have a VPN on your smartphone and your Laptop as well. This way, you stay hidden from hackers. But, most importantly, Big Brother which are government agencies.

The ISPs (Internet Service Providers) monopolies like Google, Facebook, Twitter etc. Whatever all of them want to know your internet and streaming habits and guess what, all their reasons are not at all good for you. Now, there are several VPNs in the market. But, ExpressVPN is known to have a lower reduction in speed rate. Now, all VPNs are going to slow your internet connection down. Just a little fraction, but once again ExpressVPN has the lowest rate in that category.

And, most importantly, when account supports three devices. Now, this is the second last – subscription-based app we have on this Jailbreak. So, think about it – Finesse TV $12.99, Express VPN – $8 mark, you are looking at $20 a month. People and you will be gaining access to pretty much any and everything you can. Possibly stream so simply divert one of the payments that are giving Amazon Prime, Netflix or Hulu to pay for some of these small bills. Because remember your largest savings is going to be when you cut that cable or satellite bill.

And, save those hundred dollars every month. Now, the last two apps, image player and VLC player – our apps that you never physically have to open up. These two players are alternates to the Titanium default player. Now, these – you may never have to use. But, let’s say – you are in Titanium TV and you click a movie link and the sound doesn’t work. What you can do is the long press that link and you will see a pop-up which will ask you – Do you want to play this file in an Alternate Media Player?

So, MX and VLC will be your other options and if you have any sound issues in Titanium TV, 99% of the time they will be resolved by playing it in one of these alternate players. Let’s jump back over here and finish our installs by clicking these right arrows. You could hit the back button while this one is installing and it will take you to the next. And, you want to just click the next one. So, we are going to fast forward through this part of the installation of all the five apps.

So once we got our five apps installed, we want to hit the home button again. So, go back over to settings, down the Apps and the manage installed applications. Now, before we open this up, look to the right of your screen. Notice we have used about half of our available Gigabytes. Now, this is the sweet spot. You want to remain in. So, if you have a bunch of unuseful Apps loaded onto your Fire TV Stick, you need to go into manage install apps and uninstall them.

This is also the reason, we don’t recommend Kodi being installed on an Amazon Fire TV Stick. With this build, will get you closer to maxing out with your storage and that’s where you don’t want to be. We have seen so many people burn out their fire sticks just because they put a big Cody Build on top of their Fire Sticks. So, let’s just jump in here, real quick now. Remember we use downloader and file link just to get to our build. So, guess what we can even go in and uninstall these.

Just to save some space. We are telling you space is the number one issue with these Fire Sticks. Now, of course, Amazon has some apps out there, that are native which you cannot uninstall. Which is all good because – look we just saved a little bit more space. Now, let’s jump back home. The very last step is how to move Titanium and Finesse TV to the front. Just to make them easier to get to daily. You want to highlight them, click the menu button on your remote notice in your lower right corner to pop up. It will get moved to the front. We are going to do the same with Titanium TV app as well. So, now we got both of the – Go to Apps, right here.

Titanium is ready to go. Let’s jump in here, real quick. It opens up in the most popular TV series. If there’s something older or less popular you are looking for. The search bar is up here. Go to the menu and the top left if you want to change it to movies. And, once again, these are going to be the most popular movies and if you want to search, you got your search function right there. Now, let’s jump into the Finesse TV App. And, once you subscribe to Fitness, you are going to get a username and password that you are going to input right here and after you login.

You are going to have an expiration date down here and everything is out there. We will also publish a separate article to let you know about the Finesse TV Channels Overview. The link will be uploaded on this page as well. So, this was a complete in-depth procedure of Jailbreaking Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Amazon Fire TV Stick is quite simple to set up and use. Step 1 is to Plug Fire TV Stick into your HDTV (HDMI Port). Step 2: is to plug the charger into a wall socket. Step 3: is to connect to Wi-Fi and enjoy. What Do You need? HDTV with HDMI input. High-Speed Internet with Wi-Fi (Recommended Speed: 4 MBPS or more). And, the best part is – Amazon Fire TV Stick now comes with the All-New Alexa Voice Remote – Now you can control your compatible TV with dedicated power, volume, and mute buttons.

Just press and ask Alexa to easily find, play, and control movies and TV shows. As per the official claims, In Amazon Fire TV Stick, Choose from thousands of movies and TV episodes. Enjoy favourites from Prime Video, Hotstar, Netflix, Zee5, Sony LIV, and others. Stream live news, sports, and must-see shows including Bollywood hits and TV shows. With Firefox or Silk browsers, visit millions of websites like YouTube, Facebook, and Reddit.

Listen to songs, playlists, live radio stations, and podcasts through services like Prime Music, Gaana and TuneIn. Subscription fees may apply. Even after reading this in-depth guide on How To Jailbreak Amazon Fire TV Stick? still, if you’re facing any questions related to the topic or any tech thing, just make sure to let us know through the comments below.

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Stop Blogger from Redirecting to Country-Specific Domains

You know that blogger have different URL in different countries. Suppose you have a blog on Blogger/Blogspot platform, You might have noticed it already. One have a blog in named and when a user from india visited his blog the URL was and another visitor from france got

This implementation was done by Google because of Selective censorship (to block a blog or page easily).

Prevent Blogger from Redirecting to Country-Specific Domains

This country based URL redirection is likely to impact your Blogger blogs in a not so positive manner. For example:

  1. The social stats – like your Facebook Likes, Google +1s and Tweet counts – for your blog posts may be reduced as the URLs for the same blog post will be different for different visitors.
  2. You will have a similar problem if you are using an external commenting platform like Disqus or Facebook Comments because the blog URLs will be different even when the underlying page is the same.
  3. Also, if canonicalization isn’t implemented properly, it may cost you some Google juice as external websites may link to your country-specific pages.
  4. Some users have reported a dip in Google AdSense earnings when pages are served through country-specific domains.

If you are not happy with the idea of Blogger redirecting your blog to a different URL, you can add the following piece of code to your Blogger template and it will always serve the .com address to your visitors irrespective of their geographic location.

When I log in my Blogger dashboard and checks blog traffic Statistics, It’s giving some country specific domain name of blog URL in more than 10 countries.

These are Some example list of Domain Names I have observed in my dashboard, These are Domain Extensions List

  • Argentina (
  • Australia (
  • Brazil (
  • Canada (
  • Germany (
  • India (
  • Italy (
  • France (
  • Japan (blog
  • Mexico (
  • Portugal (
  • Spanish (
  • Sweden (blog

Prevent Redirection

It is that a small piece of HTML tag allows us to do this operation. All you want to do is to paste the the HTML tag in your template.

Steps to configure your blogger blog to stop country specific domain redirection:

1. Go to Dashboard » Template » Edit HTML

2. Now press CTRL + F, in the search box type  <head>

3. Now paste the specific Script after the <head> script given below

<link expr:href="data:blog.canonicalUrl" rel="canonical"/>
<script type="text/javascript">
      var blog = document.location.hostname.split(".");
      if (blog[blog.length - 1] != "com") {
        var ncr = "http://" + blog[0] + "";
        window.location.replace(ncr + document.location.pathname);    

4. Click on save template. Then click on View Blog. That’s it.

Now your blogger blog serve with not country specific if the user comes from anywhere from the world.

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How to Create Strong & Secure Password

It’s easy to be lazy and use the same password for every online account but, using these simple techniques, you’ll be able to remember strong passwords for different websites.

Not all passwords need to be secure, of course, but a password for any account that identifies you personally, such as your primary email account, an online bank account, or an account with any organisation that holds your credit card details, needs to be as secure as possible.

To understand how to create a secure password, you first need to know what makes a password insecure. By putting yourself in the shoes of a cracker, you will see how to thwart their dastardly plans.

    How can you make your password strong enough to not get cracked by the bad guys? Here are some tips on password construction you can use to beef up your password.

    How to create a strong password

    It’s still important to have a strong password though. A good way of generating a password that is hard to guess but easy to remember is to devise a phrase that contains ordinary words, names of people or places (so they start with a capital letter) and numbers. Your password is then obtained by taking the first letter of each word except for the numbers which are represented by figures. So, if your phrase was “Bradford is thirty two miles from Manchester” the password would be Bi32mfM.

    Similarly, you can create a password using a line from something easy to remember such as a song or nursery rhyme. It’s easy to remember the first letter from each word of “Jack and Jill went up the hill” and turns into this seven-character password: JaJwuth. Again, names make it easy to introduce upper-case characters.

    You can also substitute characters for symbols, numbers or punctuation. Replace any letter ‘i’s with 1s and any ‘a’s with 4s and your password becomes much harder to crack. Christmas, then, becomes Chr1stm4s, which is a strong password.

    How to remember passwords :

    Using a password manager such as KeyPass will help you to remember lots of strong passwords (making it more likely you will actually use one), but provides no protection from hackers if you continue to use passwords that those with criminal intent might be able to guess.

    imageDo you use any of these bad passwords?

    • Password
    • 123456
    • qwerty
    • Your kid’s name
    • Always the same one

    imageWhy is that not good?

    • They are easy to guess or crack. Really easy.
    • If one site is compromised, a hacker has access to all your services.

    imageWhat’s the solution?

    1. Store your passwords and more in Identity Safe.
    2. Save Time. Access from anywhere. More secure passwords.

    Creating a strong password :

    To keep your account safe, here are a few tips on how to create a strong password:

    1. Use a unique password for each of your important accounts : Use a different password for each of your important accounts, like your email and online banking accounts. Re-using passwords is risky. If someone figures out your password for one account, it’s possible they could get access to your personal information, or other online services like shopping or banking.

    2. Use a mix of letters, numbers, and symbols in your password : Using numbers, symbols and mix of upper and lower case letters in your password makes it harder for someone to guess your password. For example, an eight-character password with numbers, symbols and mixed-case letters is harder to guess because it has 30,000 times as many possible combinations than an eight-character password with only lower case letters.

    3. Don’t use personal information or common words as a password: Create a unique password that’s unrelated to your personal information and uses a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols. For example, you can select a random word or phrase and insert letters and numbers into the beginning, middle, and end to make it extra difficult to guess (such as “sPo0kyh@ll0w3En”). Don’t use simple words or phrases like “password” or “letmein,” keyboard patterns such as “qwerty” or “qazwsx,” or sequential patterns such as “abcd1234” which make your password easier to guess.

    4. Make sure your backup password options are up-to-date and secure: Update your recovery email address regularly so that you can receive emails in case you need to reset your password. You can also add a phone number to receive password reset codes via text message.
    Many websites will also give you the option of answering a security question if you forget your password. If you create your own question, try to come up with one that has an answer only you would know. The answer shouldn’t be something that someone can guess by scanning information you’ve posted on blogs or social networking sites.
    If you are asked to choose a question from a list, like the city where you were born, try to find a way to make your answer unique by using some of the tips above. That way even if someone guesses the answer, they won’t know how to enter it correctly.

    5. Keep your passwords secure: Don’t leave notes with your passwords to various sites on your computer or desk, where people can easily steal them and use them to compromise your accounts. If you choose to save passwords in a file on your computer, create a name for the file that won’t give it away. If you have a difficult time remembering multiple passwords, use a trusted password manager. Be sure to spend a few minutes checking out reviews and reputations of password manager services. 

    The anatomy of an unbreakable password :

    The longer the password, the harder it is to crack. Consider a 12-character password or longer.

    Things to avoid: Names, places, dictionary words.

    Mix it up. Use variations on capitalization, spelling, numbers, and punctuation.

    These three rules make it exponentially harder for hackers to crack your password.

    The idea for passphrases is captured quite nicely in this comic from xkcd:

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    Trash Dove : How to add Trash Dove to Facebook Post Status

    You might have seen many updates on your timeline, people would have been change their posts with Facebook Stickers. It’s pretty cool right? If you are confused a way to try this, then it’s pretty simple.

    How to add Trash Dove to Facebook Post Status

    Open your Facebook mobile app, click on the status box and go to “Feeling/Acitivity”. Now just pick the “Stickers” tab and you’ll be able to find all the Stickers you have. You can simply select the stickers you like and post it as an update. Thanks to “Trash Doves” sticker… this is getting pretty popular these days.


    Mobile Number Portability: MNP INDIA A Step-by-Step Tutorials

    Telecom regulators in India have just approved National Mobile Number Portability, which means that mobile phone users will now be able to retain their mobile numbers when they move to a new city. National Mobile Number Portability (or NMNP) will let users change their telecom circle when they move to a new city, thereby eliminating the need to change their mobile numbers that they have grown to get used to.

      In fact, Airtel, ready in time for the government’s announcement, has said that all portibility requests will be processed within 24 hours, and until then its customers will get free incoming on roaming till the request is adhered to.

      Mobile Number Portability, MNP INDIA

      How to port your mobile number:

      Mobile Number Portability (MNP) was launched across all the circles in INDIA on 20-JAN-2011.  The procedure for MNP is as follows:

      1) Generate an eight-digit Unique Porting Code (UPC) :

      Send “PORT” (10-digit mobile number) to 1900. This will generate an eight-digit alphanumeric UPC code to help facilitate the porting process.

      You will soon get an SMS from 1901 that will contain the UPC code and a UPC expiry date in mm/dd/yyyy format.

      2) Gather required documents for MNP :

      You will need:
      Id proof
      Address proof
      One passport size photograph
      Last bill copy: Airtel post-paid customers have the option of carrying forward their outstanding/pending bills to the new telecom circle, and pre-paid customers can carry forward the talk-time amount existing on their number.

      3) Visit the mobile operator showroom :

      As soon as you get the UPC code, head to the service provider’s showroom, along with the required documents.
      – You will need to fill out a Mobile Number Porting form.
      – Buy a New Sim Card

      4) Choose your plan :

      The NMNP facility is applicable for both, pre-paid and post-paid customers. This means, when you move to a new city, you can retain your plan or change it at the service centre.

      5) Processing time :

      Airtel has listed on its website that all NMNP requests will be processed in 24 hours, however, at the time of writing Vodafone and Idea hadn’t listed the processing time on their websites.

      The whole porting process is taking 1 week time.

      Once you ported to new operator, the minimum time to stay with the new operator is 3 months. So in this 3 months time you can’t able to port your number once again.

      So are you porting your number? If yes, from which network to which one and why ? Share your views about your current Mobile Operator to others in comments