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Best Broken Link Checker WordPress Plugin For Better On-Page Optimisation

Best Broken Link Checker WordPress Plugin For Better On-Page Optimisation: We will show you how to find broken links on your website. Also, how you can fix them well for user experience. Finding a broken link that results in a 404 Page not found error that doesn’t load is not good. It’s not good user experience and also it’s a ranking factor in Google. So, if Google finds that, you have a lot of broken links on your website. They are not going to rank you highly, because, we know the user experience is not going to be great. So, they will rank you below a page that doesn’t have any broken links or any website issues.Best Broken Link Checker WordPress Plugin For Better On-Page Optimisation

Best Broken Link Checker WordPress Plugin For Better On-Page Optimisation

So, that’s one of the reasons we want to check for Broken links and doing it manually is nearly impossible, unless you have an on-page website links are everywhere. So, you want to make sure that you have an audit may automated way of checking them. And, what we use is a Plugin called the Broken Link checker plugin and it scans your website on a schedule that you determine and it emails you and shows them the WordPress dashboard. What broken links are and why they are so?

To find out them, first, install that plugin right now and let’s see if we can find some broken links to install that. We hover over Plugins on the left and they click on add new. We type in Broken Link Checker in the search box and click or press on entering Button in the keyword. It’s the very first one we see on the left by JANUS, we click on install now. Then, we click on activate the plugin and the plugin does two things right off the bat. Under settings, it adds an entry called link checker and in your dashboard, it also adds a little meta box where it shows broken link information.

It’s going to be added to the very bottom. So, here’s the broken link checker box. It says, right now, No broken links found. No URLs in the work queue. Searching for your blog for links. So, because we just installed this plugin, it now has to go out and scan the website for broken links. So, it’s not going to show instant results. It has to scan your website first, which takes a bit of the time. If we go over settings and then click on link checker, we can set some of the settings to configure it the way we want it in this box.

Did we say, how many hours between link checks? So, what this plugin does that it keeps on checking the same links, it checks all the links on your website because links on your website may be broken and maybe broken anytime. So, we usually know, why it’s because we make a change, but we are not on top of things, enough to know what the change effected. So, we know why the links break, well, we don’t know when or where they are broken. So, this link checker goes every 72 hours or whatever number you put in here is how often it checks all the links on your website.

But, keep in mind – the less number of hours you have in here, the more server resources are going to be used to check your links. Because it’s not an easy task that has to go through all the pages on your website every time to find a broken link. The default is 72 for most websites. 72 will do, if you have a high traffic website, there’s a lot of people.

And, having a couple of broken links will have a serious negative impact and user experience and we want to set this to a lower number of hours. Maybe every 12 hours, even but 72 hours is good enough for most websites. And, then in this section of Email Notifications, you can check to get notifications of broken links and then you can set them to individual authors if you want as well as you enter the Email here or you leave this empty and you use the admitting the website under it says here Settings and General. Which is where you specify the Admitting Tweaks Section.

You can apply custom formatting to broken links, the reason you might want to do this is so people know in advance the link is broken. SO, they don’t waste their time clicking on it. You can even remove broken links, so if the fines AB link is broken, you can edit the CSS, you can just add a display: none command, so the link disappears or even just remove the colour and underline. So, doesn’t look like a link anymore and then people will not click on it until you fix it. And, then you can stop search engines from falling broken links as well. It is good because you don’t want Google to find broken links, so we often have this option selected.

We remove the broken link as well and then for the suggestions, the plugin will suggest alternatives to the broken links. So, for example, if you have an about page and the URL was your but then for some reason, who knows why for some reason, you changed it to your So, you change that URL and if that page was linked to from somewhere else on your website, those links are not broken. And, this plugin will determine that those are pretty similar about and about us and it will suggest that it is a fix, it will suggest changing all those old links that went to be about that.

Now, go to about us and the broken links checker plugin also finds other errors on your website and if you want, if you uncheck this box, all the areas that have fine. So, be shows as broken links, even though some of them will not be. So, we usually keep this one, checked and when we have done all these settings and you are happy with what they are clicking on, Save Changes at the bottom and we have a few more tabs to go through at the top. So, at the top, we have a tab called Look for links in and here you specify where we are going to look for the links that are broken. If you have any questions related to Best Broken Link Checker WordPress Plugin For Better On-Page Optimisation, just let us know in the comment box below.

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How To Use DMCA Tool In A Right Manner

How To Use DMCA Tool In A Right Manner: As the internet took off, legislation tried to keep up and an important piece of internet content related legislation is something that’s known as the DMCA. It’s the Digital Millenium Copyright Act. It was passed in 1998. We guest, anticipating the Digital Millenium that we are limiting. So the DMCA does a couple of thins, the DMCA is you know established law in the United States, you may have heard about something called DMCA takedown notice. What you talked about in a second. But, there are two most important parts of the DMCA. When it comes to what happens online, the first one is the Anti-Circumvention Provisions.How To Use DMCA Tool In A Right Manner

How To Use DMCA Tool In A Right Manner

And, these are fairly controversial and have remained fairly controversial. So, what is Anti-Circumvention? What this means is that if a copyright holder places some type of digital rights management software or hardware on a particular piece of content. It is not illegal for you to try to figure out how that works or defeat it and it doesn’t matter if you violate any of their copyrights in the process. Just the attempt to try to circumvent these digital rights management approaches is itself illegal and the problem with this is – you know this can sort of unfortunately blend into an Anti-Tinkering and an Anti-Curiosity provision for example.

For a long time, the rights of people to sort of examining things that they won we bought this phone, you know, we should be able to take it, apart trying to figure out. This is something, that you try to figure in with inventors a lot of creative people. That have enjoyed doing and have learned a lot from and the DMCA sort of specifically says in certain cases, there is now this protected class of software or hardware, that you are not allowed to meddle and even trying to circumvent. These things are not illegal and so this is sort of fairly unpopular and now you can also argue in the proceeding.

You know, almost two decades, these anti-circumvention provisions have proved pretty toothless. We mean, almost every variety of digital rights management, that the content creators have tried to deploy has been defeated in some way or the another. And, some of the exploits, you know, require more and more sophisticated approaches. But you only have to do it once. All you need to do is beat one type of DRM and we get a couple on an unprotected copy of your content a billion times. So, it doesn’t necessarily have to be something, that you know your grandfathers can do.

It just has to be something that somebody can do. So, that’s one version of the DMCA, a more positive provision of the DMCA, that’s also fairly well known and has probably led to the most widespread use of this term in practice is safe harbour provisions for the Internet Sevice Providers and operators of various types of websites. So, for example, Youtube is the incredible platform we are using it. People all over the world use it to upload all sorts of interesting video. But you know, YouTube can also be used by someone who wants to upload someone something that they don’t have the rights to upload. So, we can take – you know copyrighted movies that we don’t own the copyrights to.

And, we can upload it to YouTube and then YouTube potential before the DMCA could be sued by the copyright owner for engaging in the dissemination of this content even though they have no control over what their users upload. Now YouTube is constantly working and scanning and trying to identify copyrighted material so that it doesn’t you know run four of these types of laws and type of rules. But the safe harbour versions of the DMCA provided some degree of limitation of liability for both websites like YouTube and Internet Service Providers. So, your internet service provider is not legally liable, if you choose to download or stream illegal content over their networks. They cannot be legally liable, so those are probably good things now.

The same our provisions have also the same part of this law to put into place a mechanism for copyright holders to request certain websites. Takedown content and that’s something that’s referred to as the DMCA, takedown notice and so you can, you know, maybe if you have posted things to YouTube before you have received one of these YouTube. We are sure, it gets, we don’t know thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of these a day. A week and what it means is that the copyright holder has identified that there is a copyrighted content, that’s being unlawfully distributed by a particular site and it forces requests that the website takes down that content immediately.

So, YouTube may respond to this by removing or blocking your video and internet service provider or website provider may respond to shit by turning off your website. And, so this is a mechanism that allows the copyright holder to identify content. That should not be online, it should be freely available and requested it to be removed now the usage of this mechanism is somewhat controversial because studies have found that large percentages of the DMCA takedown notices are actually for content.

That is either not copyrighted at all. Or protected under various fair use, fair mechanisms and so a lot of times, these may be being generated by automatics you know, BOTS that don’t understand, exactly what fair use is and so obviously dealing with these types of takedown notices creates a lot of problems for websites and creators. Even after reading this in-depth guide on How To Use DMCA Tool In A Right Manner, still, if you are facing any questions related to the topic, please make sure to let us know in the comment box below.

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Best Content Marketing Tips 2019

Best Content Marketing Tips 2019: The Blogosphere is competitive. There are over a billion blogs. That’s one blog for every seven people. How are you going to compete? What is content marketing going to look now in today’s competitive environment? What does content marketing look like in 2019? Before we get started, if you want more content marketing tips, more marketing tips in general, whether it’s essay on your social media, just make sure to keep visiting us on this blog on regular basis. Now, we have a question for you, how many of you push out content, and get very little traffic to it?Best Content Marketing Tips 2019

Best Content Marketing Tips 2019

If you are not getting results, leave a comment with Yes. If you are not getting a ton of results, leave a comment with No. See, in 2019, the content won’t rank as well as it used to. Yes, they say content is king, but you already know there are over a billion blogs. Nowadays, Google is not just picking from, what content do we want to rank, because we lack content. They are like we have content, on everything under the sun, and the same thing a hundred other times. So, now they are just not picking, what content do they want to rank? They are looking at authority and user metrics, they are even looking at when was the content created.

Trick 1: Why would they want to rank a content that’s two years old, when they can rank something that’s less than one week old. So, when it comes to content marketing in 2019, you need to make sure that your content’s also being up to date. If you don’t update your old content, you are not going to get as much love as people who are continually pushing out new fresh content.

Trick 2: the Second tip we have for you is don’t regurgitate the same information over and over again. People are tired of reading 12 SEO tips that will double your traffic. You can Google it, there are probably different variations of that number, but there are probably hundreds of articles on that subject. Write something new, fresh that has not been seen before, you are more likely to get traffic, rankings, and even social shares. We know, you are not going to be like this.

Trick 3: The third tip is to create video and audio-based content. Text is overrated, it doesn’t help you connect with people as much as video. We still love text, we still crank out text, but the future is video. It’s much more personable, people get to know you, your personality, your company better. So, create a video-based content, upload it to YouTube, Linkedin, hack you can even do with Twitter and Instagram and of course Facebook. Don’s are the same video over and over again, like sharing your YouTube video on Facebook. You will get to take over that video on other platforms as well and upload it on Facebook.

For example, consider Linkedin, You are going to reupload the video all over again, vs. Sharing the link to that Facebook Video. Or that YouTube Video. Now with the audio you want to create a podcast, it’s easy, you can just but out your phone, create an audio file, upload it to iTunes or LipSunch and you are off and to the races. Same with video, you don’t have to go into a studio like we are and shoot all these fancy videos and pay money.

You can just bust out your phone, we would even say most the time, from the tests we have run, the videos that you end up running on your iPhone convert betters if you are selling a product or service, so there’s nothing wrong with doing that. Just look at Tai Lopez, he is known for just busting out his phone and recording videos and it does very well for him. And, the last tip we have for you are promoting your content. In 2019, you get to spend more time promoting than writing. Again, we cannot emphasize this enough. There’s too much content on the web.

It doesn’t matter how good of a content piece you write, it’s not going to be seen unless you promote it. So spend more time promoting than writing. Use the 80 20 rule, 20% time in writing and 80% time in promoting. And a few ways, we would promote it is emailing all the people who link to your competitor content, ask them for a link. So, you can use tools like Buzzsumo, type in a query related to your space, see all the other popular articles within your space. You then take that and put that URL into Ahrefs. Shows you all the people who link to that URL.

Then you hit up all those people that link to and be like – I noticed that you linked to article A, B and C from the author 1, 2 and 3. We have similar content, but ours covers this, that and other than the original one didn’t. If you like it, feel free to link to mine, cheers. Then you also need to get social shares. Getting backlinks is not enough. Facebook, Twitter, all these social websites drive a lot of traffic. Similar to how you went into Buzzsumo, and you researched all the articles on the competing articles on the web.

You, then want to go to Buzzsumo, go back to those articles, click on the view shares button, and it will show you every single person who shared those articles. That simple thing will help you get more social traffic. And, in 2019, if you don’t leverage these tactics you are not going to do well. And, even after reading this in-depth guide, still you face any questions related to Best Content Marketing Tips 2019, just make sure to let us know in the comment box below.

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How To Get Into Google Featured Snippets

How To Get Into Google Featured Snippets

How To Get Into Google Featured Snippets: In the past, getting the number one position in search results, was the ultimate goal for ambitious marketers. But, Google has recently reset the starting point. And now position Zero – known as Featured snippet – is the one with the authority. So, what is a featured snippet? A featured snippet is often or historically known as a quick answer box.How To Get Into Google Featured Snippets

How To Get Into Google Featured Snippets

Featured snippets have impacted SEO quite a lot over the past couple of years. A lot more people are either, one, going through and just getting the result directly without ever leaving the result results which can mean less traffic, and number two, of the clicks that actually come through from search results, a much higher proportion of them go to the results that actually ranks within the featured snippet. So, for any of you that were ranking in position two, three, four and five, you are going to be seeing way less traffic than you were before there was a featured snippet.

So, let’s talk about what featured snippets look like. We would tend to break them down primarily into three different types. So, the first one that you have got is the Paragraph Featured Snippet. This usually comes with definitions or even just with single word queries. The second one is the list based featured snippet. This is usually in response to a how-to based query and it will usually be a numbered list, maybe four or five steps and listed out directly within the snippet. The third and final most popular featured snippet is the table. And this is usually showing different data points.

Outside of these three, what we tend to see is that Google Publishes a lot more videos within these featured snippets, we have seen even direct bookings forms happening in particular with like the hotel and travel space. And, on top of this, we are seeing a lot more image-based snippets. It’s becoming more and more important to optimize your content for these answer boxes. One study found that nearly 30% of queries now include featured snippets. But, it’s not just about clicks. These snippets feed voice search responses, and com score predicts that half of all searches will be performed by voice by 2020.

Now, some of you ROI driven marketers might be concerned about losing out on traffic and conversions. We have seen that shorter queries especially like one-word definitions, in particular, tend to steal quite a lot of traffic. This is primarily because people are looking for definition and when they’re given that definition, they don’t need to go through to the website. One the other hand, with more question-based queries, where someone’s looking for a more detailed answer, they will end up getting a much larger proportion of the overall traffic coming through from a featured snippet result than if they were ranking number one within that search results page.

To optimize your content for featured snippets and future proof your SEO, follow a few best practices: The first thing we would do is, we would search for the query you are going to try to rank for and see what Google is already showing. Are they showing paragraph featured snippet? Are they showing a list? Are they showing a table? Depending on what you see, you are going to want to cater the content within your web page to be geared towards ranking for that specific type.

You will also need your content to rank on page one. According to one study, 70% of featured snippets are pulled from websites in positions two through ten. Format your content using clean code. Place the query in an H2 or H3 tag and include the answer directly below this heading. Answers should be enclosed in paragraph tags and be between 54 and 58 words long. List and table information should be also formatted with proper tags. When writing a post, signal that an answer is expected by including priming phrases such as here are, follow these steps, start with etc.

Try to get this content as close to the top of the page as possible. And once you have done that, publish and track and measure it over the next few days. If you don’t see any results instantly, keep checking back and then you can make small iterations. The most important thing here is to track the different types of content that Google is pulling in and then align your content directly to that. Google is optimizing for the experience of users who don’t want to spend time clicking and searching to find the information they need. One key them here is that Google wants to keep you within Google.

Almost any search at the top of Google and this is really what you want to do is get all the related words for that individual keyword so obviously, for different keywords, it varies. If you are talking about side effects to Aspirin or something you are not going to have a promotional deal or bell satellite package or it doesn’t make sense, every single keyword has its own set of trigger words and you want to put the most trigger words as possible. Inside your answer, to get the best rankings finally, you got the relevance of the page, so your page has to be relevant to the query.

The query order that Google Listing so typical results, typically number one to number eight is going t be the best ones to rank for. If you want to get an assertion of it, if you are on page 2 or page 3 or page 4, you typically won’t get in the featured snippets. And, usually, number to number right, it’s going to be the best and for some reason, it seems to work better to be a number two, three or four for some reasons. Also, if you face any questions related to How To Get Into Google Featured Snippets, just let us know in the comment box below.

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Best & Most Profitable Affiliate/ Associate: Amazon vs Flipkart

Best & Most Profitable Affiliate/ Associate: Amazon vs Flipkart: If you have the power of a targeted audience, you can sell products online and can easily earn a revenue. The best part is that there is no limit to the revenue generated from Amazon Affiliate or Flipkart Affiliate. You cannot only just make a living out of it, but also you can have a luxurious life with the amount of money you earn when you become an associate. Now, the most confusing part lies in, especially if you are an India, which one to choose out of Flipkart Affiliate and Amazon Affiliate? There you go – the one which is most profitable for your product, you should choose that only.

Best & Most Profitable Affiliate/ Associate: Amazon vs Flipkart

Prices of the products will keep varying in both i.e. while shopping on Amazon or shopping on Flipkart. So, you cannot choose to become associate of either depending on the prices of the products. But, wisely you can check, how much commission you will get for the respective category. For example, if on Tech products, Amazon is giving away 4% and Flipkart is giving away 5% (just imaginary commission rates, list of latest commission rates for all categories is given in this post below). Then, you would like to go with Flipkart. Because of profit matters.

In the next section, you will learn, how to make money with Amazon Affiliate Marketing. So, Amazon has its affiliate program, which can allow you to promote any product on amazon and earn a commission by promoting it. So, Amazon’s affiliate program is called Amazon Associates which is a hundred per cent free to join and like we said, you can earn a commission from any product and they have this affiliate program for every single one of Amazon’s marketplaces.

So, they have one for which is within the United States. They have one for if you want to sell and promote products inside the United Kingdom, they have it forward within the Canada and Amazon Australia, India, Mexico and others. Every single one of the platforms and to go and access it just do a Google search for Amazon Associates Or Amazon Affiliate Programme. Or Just go to It’s not linked to some of them below for you. But you can promote any product on Amazon and that’s a great thing for affiliate marketing.

Now, there are ways that you can do this, that honestly are not that profitable. Because there are some pros and cons, we will share with you in this article. And, there’s a way of going about it, which is not that effective like we will share with you – how to make money with Amazon Affiliate Marketing. But the money that we make from it is insignificant compared to other Affiliate Programs and products that you can promote. So, we will share a few, the right way the effective way of actually making money through Amazon’s Affiliate program and inside this article, we are going to tell you every tips and trick in details.

But, as we said, we will share also the better ways you can focus on doing affiliate marketing and we will also invite you. We will go deeper into some of our affiliate marketing strategies that have allowed me to make millions of dollars a year doing affiliate marketing. So, let’s first look at some pros and cons of Amazon’s Affiliate Programme. Now, some of the pros – the biggest one, of course, is that you can promote any product which is very cool because guess how many products are available on Amazon, Millions of them and you promote any single one that you want.

So, that’s pretty cool. Because a lot of the companies and the brands might not have their private affiliate program. We know for ourself, there sometimes, we mention a product or service, which doesn’t come under an affiliate program. Company does not have their affiliate program in which case, we can just find it on Amazon Associates and we can just have an affiliate link that way, it is pretty cool which you can promote any product out there. Now, as well, another Pro from this is that if you promote a product, let’s say you promote a blender.

Let’s say you can ink to that the way the Amazon works is that within 24 hours when they click your affiliate link. If they buy other products besides that one, even if they don’t buy that blender, you link to but, they buy someone else’s products and a variety of different things they fill up their shopping cart and they check out and purchase that within 24 hours. You make the Commission and on all of those products.

So, not just the one you link to, but any of them they buy you link to, you will be profitable at the end. But the time duration of buying the product is 24 Hours. Now, this is a great thing, because, most people when they go to, don’t buy just one product. Right? They shop around, they add up a few things in their shopping cart and they usually check out and buy a few different products. So, you can increase the overall Commission you are getting because of that. And, that’s a cool thing. We think another very important thing and valuable is the trust that Amazon has.

We mean, we remember years and years ago, as a decade and even beyond that, when people selling online and everything and having people buy products, people were very sceptical. Right? They were out of buying something from someone that they didn’t know maybe. We are going to get scammed or ripped off and for the most part, you know, Amazon’s changed the landscape. Still, if you’re facing any questions related to Best & Most Profitable Affiliate/ Associate: Amazon vs Flipkart, just make sure to leave a comment below.

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How To Get Sponsored Post

How To Get Sponsored Post For Your Blog/ Website (In 2019)

How To Get Sponsored Post For Your Blog/ Website (In 2019) – In fact, this guide will be one of the best on internet, that will indirectly teach you how to convert your blog/ website from a simple reading page to a money-making machine. Well, at least you will be able to make a very good living on your blog. So, stay tuned till last. Earlier, we didn’t realize how big this topic can be. We thought, everyone, blogged because it was a way to get new clients, get new attention to their products, on their service. But apparently, not so for those of you, who are not making any money.How To Get Sponsored Post

How To Get Sponsored Post For Your Blog/ Website (In 2019)

You will be shocked to know that there exist companies, every member of which blog in the field of their knowledge/ specifications. And, people read those blogs, and their stuff happens to be what exactly is the need of the company. On the other way around, they create clients. So, that’s how blogging is used. But, in your case, if you are blogging because you love fashion, or you love automobiles and aftermarket products, you love sports, you love whatever it is that you’re blogging about and you want more time to do it.

Online maps, gps navigation concept. Map pointer location on a computer laptop. 3d illustration

More time to go out and get exclusive stories. Well, you are going to need funding, you are going to need sponsors. This is how you get those sponsors, it’s simple. If you have been involved in any kind of traditional media, maybe you bought ads from a magazine, maybe you bought ads from a newspaper, from a TV show or a cable network or whatever it is. If you have ever bought ads before, you know that every media publication has salespeople, they, salesman know if you realize this.

But just because you own the New York Times, people don’t come flocking to you, not kidding. To pay you, to advertise in the New York Times, so why would you expect people since you have been blogging for two-three years. Companies, Company Owners, CEOs come flocking to you to advertise on your blog. They don’t do that. You have to go out and get them. But, it’s not that hard. We will give you an example, if you are a fashion blogger, contact Fowler’s Boutique. They are in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. They sell high-end men’s and women’s clothes, its like high-end clothes and high-end jeans – $300 shirts.

They have enough upscale part of San Diego on the beath, they need to sponsor fashion bloggers, they need to sponsor bloggers that can help sell their clothes. So, if you are a fashion blogger, contact owner. And then say Hey why don’t you try advertising on my website or blog for a month and if you like the response, because he has got a website open, this is another key if you are a food blogger and you walk up to a regional restaurant, that’s in San Antonio Texas and tell about your blog.

Young people with laptop close-up

Also, let him/ her know that you have got readers all around the world including Iran, China (name 4 more countries) and then say etc. Well, there it’s not going to help them right. So, we will find the companies actually, go through, do the hard work as a salesperson, actually would be your salesman. Do the hard work and find people who have e-commerce stores, online stores that are not that hard. All you have to do is do a search and Twitter. We will give you an example.

Close-up of female hands typing on laptop at the table

If your business is all about automotive aftermarket parts, if that blogs about autos, auto parts or car’s performance, automobiles, etc. Go into Twitter and just do a Twitter search for sale, space Mercedes etc. You will find a ton of people that are on Twitter saying – there are a new sales for Mercedes intake or Mercedes exhaust or a Mercedes suspension kit. You need to figure out the syntax, you need to figure out the language that an e-commerce store would use. The word discount, they would use the word. But one, get one free and then use a pronoun or use some kind of noun, throw a noun in there that’s an anchor word for what they are trying to sell.

Young couple or college student using laptop computer notebook work together at coffee shop or university campus

So, we will give you one more example, if you are a food blogger, you blog about restaurants, the trouble with blogging about restaurant stuff is that – you are going a need, nationwide sponsors. So, what you could do is – type in “Pizza Shipping” or Pizza delivery etc. But, in this case, you will have to find the companies that ships all over the world, all over the countries. You have an international platform called your blog or YouTube channel. It’s global. So, don’t limit your mind to think country-wise only.

Serious bearded man and beautiful smiling woman looking at laptop

If you live in Boston, Massachusetts and we know a couple of companies that do plumbing in Boston, Massachusets and you have got a blog about home furnishings and home remodelling and architecture. Great, well don’t go to the plumber in Boston Massachusetts, go to the plumber that has 50 different locations around the country. They’re easy to find. All you have to do is create the right Syntax, search Syntax for that kind of company.

Business man working on a laptop at office with documents on his desk, wearing suit and tie

Contact them and say – Hey, I would be more than happy to give you a free month of advertising on my blog. If you like the traffic that you get, let’s work together to discuss a marketing campaign. Together we can get more customers, clients – that’s how you start collecting clients for sponsor post or guest post on your website. If you like the tips and tricks published in this guide, please make sure to share it with your friends. Also, if holding any questions regarding How To Get Sponsored Post For Your Blog/ Website (In 2019), just don’t forget to comment below and let us know the problem you’re facing.

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How To Increase Alexa Rank

How To Increase Alexa Rank Of A Website/ Blog Quickly (In 2019)

How To Increase Alexa Rank Of A Website/ Blog Quickly (In 2019) – Do you want to have one of the most popular websites on the web? Well, who doesn’t? There’s a website out there called It’s actually owned by Amazon and it’s different the Alexa you’re familiar with. Right? You don’t tell “Alexa, please order me a Pizza.” That’s a little automated robot cylinder type of bot, artificial intelligence like Siri. This is, which focuses on moderating and ranking the web for popularity. In this article, we will teach you how to increase your Alexa Rank.

How To Increase Alexa Rank Of A Website/ Blog Quickly (In 2019)

The first thing you need to know about is they rate websites from some million number to one. One is being the most popular website on the web. So, that’s probably going to be a Google or Facebook, and you can see by going to and they rank the most popular websites all over the web and they even have a list of hundreds of websites. When you are looking at this rating number, you want to climb towards the top. What that means is you want your Alexa Number to continually drop. So, how do you do this?

Well, you get more traffic. The more people that visit your website, the better off your Alexa Ranking is going to be. So, there are a few quick wins you can do to increase your Alexa Rank.

Step 1: This first thing you can do is install the Alexa toolbar. So, the more of your visitors or readers coming to your website with Alexa Toolbar, the better off your rank is going to be. Because, that way, Alexa can collect data from all types of people.

Step 2: The second thing you can do is just promote your content on the social web. So, every time you have a new blog post or you updated some of your content, share it on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest etc. If you have images, put them all over Twitter. You can also put them all over Pinterest. Right? You can also put them on Facebook or wherever they may be.

Step 3: The third thing you can do is any time you link out to other people, email them and say “Hey John, I love your content so much that I linked out to you on my latest blog post. Feel free and share on your favourite social network.” It’s that simple.

You are going to get more social shares and more traffic which means a lower Alexa Number. The lower the number again, the better your Alexa Rank. The fourth thing you can do is use, type in your competitor’s URL and see who links to them. Email each of those people out, it’s that simple. Follow those steps and your Alexa Rank will improve over time. When you do them, do expect your number to drop closer to one or a thousand because it’s really hard to get to those number, but you can get to one hundred thousand or maybe fifty thousand or even twenty or thirty thousand.

Actually, Alexa ranks do not drop such quickly, you will have to put in lots and lots of efforts to drop your Alexa Rank to 100. Thus, directly or indirectly, improving Alexa Rank takes time. It’s doesn’t happen overnight. Look at your Alexa ranking, it should improve a period of thirty to sixty days after you implement these steps. The best part about the fact of improving Alexa Rank is that it is directly proportional to the number of unique visitors on the website.

For example, there are two websites named and In total, if A has 1000 unique visitors and 2000 pageviews till date (estimating that each visitor has visited 2 page views on average). And, if B has 1100 unique visitors and 1100 page views till date (estimating that each visitor has visited only 1 page on average). Then which websites out of and will have better or lower Alexa Rank (keeping in mind that Alexa rank is always lower the better). Obviously, B will have a better or lower Alexa Rank. Because Alexa rank is mainly decided by the number of unique visitors on the website in the last 3 months.

There are chances, many of you may not know that interface of checking websites ranking is completely changed. The older interface used to unveil an only limited number of stats or data of particular website being searched. But, the new one has completely revolutionised the way people think about anymore. The very first feature that is added is – you can now compare your metrics with the competitor’s website’s metrics as soon as you enter your domain name. Then, here’s is the list of all the new features in upgraded version –

  1. KEYWORD OPPORTUNITIES BREAKDOWN – These are customized keyword recommendations this website could target to drive more traffic. Keyword Gaps shows – Keyword driving traffic to competitors, but not to this website. Easy-To-Rank Keywords shows – Popular Keywords within this website’s competitive power. Buyer Keywords shows – Keywords that show high purchase intent. And Optimisation Opportunities shows – Very popular keywords already driving some traffic to the websites.
  2. COMPARISON METRICS – These metrics show how this website compares to its competitors. The Competitors list can be found next to the search input field above.
  3. SIMILAR SITES BY AUDIENCE OVERLAP – Sites that share the same visitors and search keywords with this website, sorted by most overlap to least overlap.
  4. TOP KEYWORDS BY TRAFFIC – Top organic keywords that are driving traffic to this website.
  5. ALEXA RANK 90 DAY TREND – Alexa Rank is an estimate of this website’s popularity. The rank is calculated using a combination of average daily visitors to this website and pageviews on this website over the past 3 months. The website with the highest combination of visitors and pageviews is ranked number 1. This chart of 90-day trend shows the Alexa Rank trend for this website over a trailing 90 day period.

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What Is Chroma Boost In Camera?

What Is Chroma Boost In Camera? New Feature In Realme2, Realme3 (Pro Series)

What Is Chroma Boost In Camera? New Feature In Realme2, Realme3 (Pro Series)

The very first feature that stuns the Realme 3 Pro owners is the nightscape mode. Although not related to our title, yet when it comes to camera of Realme 3 Pro, you just cannot escape without talking about Nightscape mode. Because it’s amazing. And the second awesome feature is the Chroma Boost. And, since these two features have been added in the smartphone cameras, their feel-good-factor has been improved like anything. Ultimately, all the add-on features of the camera have been enhanced. First, let’s discuss the Chroma Boost.

To enable the Chroma Boost, go to Camera, and then in the top centre of your smartphone screen, just touch that icon and the Chroma Boost will be enabled. Most importantly, there is nothing like you will be able to capture the photo faster in the Chroma Boost. The time smartphone takes to capture a picture in the normal mode is the same time, the same smartphone will take to capture a picture in Chroma Boost mode. The next difference between Chroma Boost picture and normal mode picture will be of 1 MB. Thus, when the picture is captured using the Chroma Boost enabled, it will take 1 more MB size than in comparison to the normal mode.

Then, what here is the advantage of the Chroma Boost? The advantage is simple – lighting and picture quality + clarity will be far far better in the Chroma Boost photo. Although in the normal shot, natural colours will be there, yet in most of the cases that will be darkish. But, when it comes to the Chroma Boost, natural will be there on this site as well, but it will be quite brighter and better.

List of Best Camera Smartphones (2019):

Finding the best smartphone camera is no easy task these days. Most all flagships now come packing some serious camera tech and software and while certain brands and models make service certain areas, it’s pretty much a neck to neck race. Here’s a list of best smartphone cameras right now.

Honor View 20 signals a new era in smartphone technology marvel at the world’s first-ever nanotech shirt back design, a twenty-five megapixel in the screen, the camera is housed in gorgeous six points four inches all view display for more immersive user experience. The high-performing Kirin 980 is the world’s first seven-nanometer AI chipset with a dual NPU design. 48 Megapixel AI ultra clarity delivers vibrant colours and incredible details, not yet seen in any other smartphone.

Get more creative night shots with a time of flight 3D cameras, lighting, quick autofocus, 3D motion-controlled gaming keeps you on your toes with fun physical exercise real-time in-camera retouching with 3D shaping and be amazed as you emerged from the background precisely. The triple antenna Wi-Fi and the liquid cooling systems make the game lag a thing of the past. Scan food items to measure calories with AI calories counting and keep making the right choices. Pinpoint accurate AI dual-frequency GPS keeps you on the right track every step of the way. Just get ready to see unseen with Honor View 20.

Huawei P30 Pro: Huawei P30 Pro, the Huawei P30 Pro is an incredibly versatile camera phone. It has four main cameras on the back with various focal lengths in sensor sizes which offer a lot of flexibility through some clever engineering of the camera sensor. Huawei claims a 40% bump in light sensitivity, but most answers out there, this coupled with a lot of software trickery, literally allows the P30 pro, to take photos in almost total darkness.

They are big camera features, the P30 Pro is the so-called periscope zone which allows for upto 5 times optical magnification and 10 times hybrid zone. This is pretty amazing in its own right and though image quality starts to deteriorate beyond 5x, it can still be useful for snapping surprisingly adequate photos of distant objects, the video recording quality is quite good and you have lower than typical noise levels in videos shot in low light. We can record in 4K, but sadly a 4K 60FPS option is missing.

Samsung Galaxy S10 & S10+: The rear cameras on the S10 and S10 plus are practically identical and for the first time on a Samsung Flagship, we have not one, not two but three cameras at the back. In the middle is the main camera with a standard viewing angle while on its side are the super wide-angle. Camera and a telephoto camera that brings your subject two times closer without any major losses in quality.

While Samsung is not the first phone maker to go with this type of camera setup. We applaud it’s the choice of cameras as such an arrangement is not only useful but it was fun to play with. After taking hundreds of photos in making several camera comparisons with new galaxies, we can say it – is definitely pleased with your own camera performance on the video side of things. The Samsung Galaxy S10 in STM plus, our severe cable switching between the three lenses while recording video is a real treat. While the new super steady mode that uses an ultra-wide-angle lens produces very smooth looking videos without the use of the Gimbal.

Google Pixel 3 & Pixel 3 XL: The Pixel line has been well known for its outstanding camera quality, leaving the pixel three models with a lot of lives upto. Thankfully, the new models deliver in spades, on the hardware side of things. The Pixel three and three-plus excel both back to of megapixel sensors in their main cameras with F/1.8 aperture, an optical image stabilization, Google has game forgone the inclusion of a dual-camera setup calling such card where unnecessary due to what can be achieved with machine learning essential to the pixel three’s new feature is one particular picture of hardware which is the pixel visual core. This dedicated processor is taking a prominent role in the newest AI power features felt on the latest pixel 3. All the software camera trickery that comes with a new pixel-like Top Shot super resume Nightside relies on this chip. And, the results are excellent both in daylight and nighttime.

iPhone 10s and 10’s Mac’s, the iPhone 10s and 10s Max are a step ahead of the iPhone 10 in the camera department. Thanksgiving proved on the hardware front. Thanks to the bigger picture of the camera sensors which allow the newest iPhone to resolve a bit more details than the previous models. This software is once again that’s pushing the smartphone camera forward. Apple’s new smart HDR leverages the power of multiple technologies including the upgraded image, signal processor, the improved CPU and advanced algorithms to vastly enhance dynamic range in photos without making them look artificial aside from the seriously impressive smart idea, the iPhone 10s Antennas Max also come with improved portrait mode.

Object separation as well as the quality of the actual book itself for the mall. Apple has taken a page of Huawei’s Book and now lets you adjust the amount of background blur after you have taken the picture. Samsung Galaxy Note 9, is an all-around great performer. It is equipped with a traditional wide-angle camera in the telephoto lens for lossless optical magnification but the two snappers also work together to create a shallow depth of field effect when shooting in life focus mode. Which is Samsung’s answer to Apple’s portrait mode, furthermore, the Galaxy Note 9 is one of the best smartphones for low light photography out there. Its performance during the day is also excellent, although, Samsung’s post-processing algorithms a bit on the heavy side at the times, the old white balance assessments are not always spot on. So these we think the best camera smartphones out there right now.

Smartphone Cameras: Behind The Scenes

How does a camera work? If you were to guess how many smartphone pictures will be taken throughout 2019, what would be the guess? Perhaps a billion? Or is it closer to Trillion? Here’s some stuff to help you out. There are 7.6 billion humans on earth. The percentage of people across the globe who own smartphone is about 43%. And let’s say each person takes around one photo a day, thus the answer is around 1.2 trillion. So 1 trillion is a pretty good guess.

That’s an astounding number of pictures, but how many different parts of your phone have to work together to take just one of those pictures? That’s the question we are going to explore in this section. How do smartphones take pictures? So, let’s dive into this complex system. To start, we are going to divide the system into its components, or subsystems, and lay them out into this systems diagram. First of all, we need input to tell the smartphone to load the camera app and take a picture. This input is read via a screen that measures changes in capacitance and outputs X and Y coordinates of one or multiple touches.

This input signal feeds into the central processing unit, or CPU and random access memory or RAM. Here, the CPU acts as the brain and thinking about the power of a smartphone while the RAM is the working memory. It is a kind of like what you’re thinking about, at any particular moment. Software and programs such as the camera app are moved from the smartphone storage location which in this case is a solid-state drive and into the random access memory. It would be wasteful if your smartphone always had the camera app loaded into its active working memory or RAM.

It’s like if you always thought of what you were going to eat at your next meal. It is tasty, but not efficient. Once the camera software is loaded, the camera is activated, a light sensor measures the brightness of the environment and a laser range finder measures the distance to the objects in front of the camera. Based on these readings, the CPU and software set the electronic shutter to limit the amount of incoming light while a miniature motor moves the camera’s lens forwards or backwards in order to get the objects in focus. The active image from the camera is sent back to the display and depending on the environment, an LED light is used to illuminate the scene. Finally, when the camera is triggered, a picture is taken and sent to the display for review and the solid-state drive for storage.

This is a lot of rather complex components; however, there are still two more critical pieces of puzzles and that is the power supply and wires. All of the components use electricity provided from the battery pack and power regulator. Wires carry this power to each component while separate wires carry electrical signals to allow the components to communicate and talk between one another. Also watch out, below mentioned RealMe3 best image. This is a printed circuit board or PCB, and it is where a lot of components such as the CPU, RAM, and solid-state drive are mounted.

It may look really high tech, but it is nothing more than a multilayered Labyrinth of wires used to connect each of the components mounted to it. If you want, you can add other components to the diagram of your system, however, we limited our selection to these. So, now that you have the system layout, let’s make a comparison or analogy between this system and that of the human body. Can you think of parts of the human body that might provide a similar function as those we have described for the subsystem of a smartphone? For example, the CPU is like the brain’s problem-solving area while the RAM is the short term memory. These are some of the comparisons that we came up with.

It is interesting to find so many commonalities between two things that are so very different. Like nerves and signal wires both transmit high-speed signals to different areas of the body and smartphone via electrical pulses, yet one is made of copper while the other is made of cells. Also, the human mind has similar levels of memory to that of a CPU, RAM and solid-state drive. What do you think? Overall it takes a complete system of complex, interconnected components to take just a single picture.

Each of these components has its own set of sub-components, details, a long history and many future improvements. This layout is starting to resemble the branches of a tree. Each element will be explored and detailed in other sections. However, the rest of this section will focus our attention on the camera. But, before we give you an exploded picture of the camera and get into all of its intricate details, let’s first take a look at the human eye. With the human eye, the cornea is the outer lens that takes in a wide-angle of light and focusses it. Next, the amount of light passing into the eye is limited by the Iris. A second lens, whose shape can be changed by the muscles around it, bends the light to create a focused image.

This focused image travels through the eye until it hits the retina. Here, a massive grid of cone cells and rod cells absorb the photons of light and output electrical signals to a nerve fibre that goes to the brain for processing. Rods can absorb all the colours of visible light and output a black and white image where 3 types of cone cells absorb red, green, or blue light and provide a coloured image. Now, this bring us to a key question; If your eyes only have 3 different types of cone cells, each of which can only absorb red, green or blue, how do we see this entire spectrum of colours?

The answer is in two parts. First, each red, green and blue cone, absorbs a range of light and not just a single colour or wavelength of light. This means that the blue cone picks up a little light in the purple range as well as a little in the aqua range. Second, our eyes don’t detect just a single wavelength of light at a time, but ranger a mix of wavelength, and this mix is interpreted as a unique colour. It’s kind of like cooking soup. It takes many ingredients chopped up and mixed together to make a complex flavour.

If you look closely, individual ingredients can be identified, but these ingredients taste very different on their own compared to the whole soup together. This is why colours like pink and brown which are combinations of colours can be found on a colour wheel, but not on the spectrum of visible light. So, this section is all about how the smartphone takes pictures? Why are we talking about human eyes? Well, its because both of these systems share a lot of commonalities. A smartphone camera has a set of lenses with a motor that allows the camera to change its focus.

These lenses take a wide angle of light and focus it to create a clear image. Next, there is an electronic shutter that controls the amount of light that hits the sensor. At the back of the camera is a massive grid of microscopic light-sensitive squares. The grid and nearby circuitry are called an image sensor, while each individual light-sensitive squares in the grid are called a pixel. A 16-megapixel camera has about 16 million of these tiny light-sensitive squares or pixels in a rectangular grid. Here we have zoomed an image of an actual sensor as an even more zoomed in cross-section of a pixel.

A microlens and colour filter are placed on the top of each individual pixel to fist focus the light and then to designate each one as a red, green or blue. Thereby allowing only that specific range of coloured light to pass through and trigger the pixel. This highlighted zone is the actual light-sensitive region, called a photodiode. These photodiode functions are very similar to the solar panel. Both photodiodes and solar panels absorb photos and convert that absorbed energy into electricity.

The basic mechanic is this: When a photo hits this junction of materials in the photodiode here, called a PN junction, an atom’s electron absorbs the photon’s energy and as a result, it jumps up to a higher energy state and leaves the atom. Usually, the electron would just recombine with the atom and the extra energy would be converted back into the light. However, here, due to an electromagnetic field, the elected electron is pushed away so that it cannot recombine with the atom. When a lot of photons eject electrons, a current of electrons build up and this current can be measured.

How To Send Emoji In WhatsApp In Jio Phone?

How To Send Emoji In WhatsApp In Jio Phone? (Big/Animated/New/3D Heart)

How To Send Emoji In WhatsApp In Jio Phone? (Big/Animated/New/3D Heart)

How To Send Emoji In WhatsApp In Jio Phone? (Big/Animated/New/3D Heart): There is one bad news about sending emojis in WhatsApp on Jio Phone. It’s not possible in a manner like we do in other smartphones. And, the best part is that it is possible the other way around. How? There is a trick to it. First of all, open the WhatsApp on your Jio Phone. Then make sure to ask your other friend to send a WhatsApp message back to you. And, also ask him/ her to send all the most used emojis to your message box or inbox. Please make sure to tell him/ her that you want to receive all the emojis as the separate messages.

After that, when almost all of those emojis are received, make sure to just copy them and paste them back into the inbox of the person you want to send the Emojis. This is the only working trick to send real emojis in WhatsApp. But, there is also another way around. The other way around suggests you just download the Emojis from various websites from the Internet. And, then copy and paste them in the inbox or message box of the friend, you want to send the message to. This will obviously look a little bit awkward. But who owns a Jio Phone in this advance world?

Other Important WhatsApp Tips For Jio Phone

Its no wonder that in recent years WhatsApp became a huge part of our lives. It’s convenient, quick and easy to use. Pretty much everyone has a large WhatsApp user base on the internet. contact list and spends hours each day to catch up with their families, friends or plan some events. Here are another most important WhatsApp tricks that you can use to make your experience with WhatsApp awesome. Do you know how to find out the exact time someone read your messages? Watch the video and learn by reading the article and all these amazing features?

STEPS: How To Send Emoji In WhatsApp In Jio Phone?

The very first tip is about font changing – not many people know that you can easily change the font of your messages on WhatsApp if you’re feeling so. Just simply put this symbol three times before and after your text messages like this. It’s not much, but its still kind of cool, right? Don’t confuse it with this one though. Unfortunately, this symbol is available only on Android devices, but not on iOS. But you can always just copy and paste it if you want to try. Font styles – while we are on the topic of fonts, font style changing is also one of the secret features you can find on WhatsApp. You can make your messages bold italic and strike-through.

The algorithm is pretty much the same as with the font changing or bolding the messages. You will just have to put Asterisk before and after your message. You can send italics, messages by adding underscores and your message can also be transformed to strike-through. Plus you can combine these symbols by putting two or even all three symbols together. Most popular contacts – Interestingly enough, you can also find out who out of your contacts. Do you talk to the most? Also, you may talk the most about How To Send Emoji In WhatsApp In Jio Phone?

This works only on iOS devices sadly. You can do that by heading to Settings and then picking Account and storage usage. You will see the list of all your WhatsApp contacts and group as well as the total number of messages. You have sent and received for each one of them. Just a little bit of statistics can be quite useful. Right? Muting Group Chats – If there is some group chat or a person that’s constantly bothering you with endless messages, you can simply mute it. Just pick the chat, click on its name or the name of the contact on top of the screen and select mute. You will have an option to mute it for 8 hours a week or even a year. Well, we guess, it has to be pretty annoying one to pick the last option.

You can always go on WhatsApp later to catch every message. You have missed plus some time and pieces irreplaceable. Making personal information private – Sometimes we use whatsapp to talk to people we barely know for example work contacts are people from some dating websites that we want to get to know better. And, it’s not that safe to make your personal information available for everyone to see. Thankfully, WhatsApp foresaw that to go to settings, then click account and select privacy. Here you can control what users will see your profile picture status and last time you were seen on WhatsApp? I don’t know about you, but this makes me feel much more comfortable. Stop Auto Saving – As you probably already know WhatsApp automatically saves every picture and video that are sent to you.

So, if you are sick and tired of constantly deleting unnecessary photos that your contact message you can turn the auto-saving off. Again, go to settings, then select chats and turn off save incoming media. Seriously, what can you not find in settings? Adding dates to the calendar – If you type a certain date in your message, it will appear as a hyperlink. If you tap on it, you will be given an option to create an event in your calendar. So you can simply plan some adventures with your friends, work meetings or any other important events right from your Whatsapp to be able to? Use this feature you have to write a day of the week as well for example Monday one. Sadly this works only on iOS devices. Number eight add a chat link to your home screen, if you are texting somebody pretty much all day, or have a favourite chat that you need quick access to. You can easily add a link to it on your home screen.

This works for Android devices. All you need to do is tap and hold on a chat and then click on three vertical dots on the top right of your screen and choose to add. Conversation shortcut, that way you will not have to go through all your chats to find the one you need it will be right on your home screen. Send your messages using Siri.

Some iPhone users probably are already aware of this. but for those of you won don’t know, you can send WhatsApp messages just by using Siri on your device. Just say – Hey Siri – send a WhatsApp to and name the contact needed then you will be able to add the content of your message. We are all feeling a little bit lazy sometimes, so its rather convenient feature, don’t you think? Back your chat messages – If you like to read the old message and get nostalgic from time to time, you can always back your history up on iCloud.

For iPhone users on Google Drive for Android, if you have an iPhone, and you want to back up a certain chat, just click on its name. THen on the name of the contact and you will see an option email conversion. For those who prefer Android, go to settings, select chats and calls and then click on chat backup. There you go now. You will have access to any of your old texts. Send a giant beating heart, if you want to express your feelings for someone in a whole other dimension. Just send a red heart alone without any other Emojis, or words you may think its nothing much. But amazingly enough, it turns into a big beating heart.

It’s always nice to receive such cute messages. Now, you know how to make your loved one’s day? Star the messages – At times on WhatsApp, you get some messages that you want a bookmark or save for later. It can be some important information or just a funny text that lights up your mood every time you see it. So, for iOS users. There is a simple solution, just double tap on a message and select the star icon. You can later find it in the contact info, where you will have an option called starred messages. You can also go back to the exact moment when this message was sent by tapping on the arrow, next to the next.

Secretly reading messages – Not everyone knows that you can actually read your whatsapp messages without its tick turning blue, to be able to do so, you have to follow a couple of simple steps. First of all, when you receive a message, don’t open it right away and dismiss all the notifications. Then set your phone on an Aeroplane mode that will turn your Wi-Fi or internet connection off. After that, just open your app and read the text. Voila. Now nobody will know that you have already seen this message. Sometimes, this can be quite helpful right. You can also turn the turning blue ticks off completely by selecting settings.

Then account in privacy. There you will find an option to read receipts off. Disable previews – originally whatsapp sends notifications with the content of the message and all of us probably know some curious people who get really interested to see who sends you what. Plus they can easily see the text of the message on a preview. WhatsApp thought about that and allowed its users to disable that little preview to do so you have to go to settings, click Notifications and there you will the option – disable show preview now. you don’t’ have to worry about someone reading your personal and private chats.

Find out the exact time someone has read your text, this magical feature works for both Android and iOS devices. All you have to do was just hold on any of your messages, you are interested in and choose info there. You will see the time your message was sent and also the time it was read, and yes, you can control the last one by secret reading we told you about earlier. Did you know that WhatsApp has some awesome features or pretty epic hidden features? That is cool. So, in this section, you will learn about that only. So, first up quick responses.

In order to use quick responses in WhatsApp, all you need to do is go to memo or notes and type in all the quick responses you would like to have available. So, here we are just saying – we are on the way home and sorry, just busy, we will get back to you as soon as possible. Then, all you do is you copy the text, as you see us doing here and once you copy the text, it automatically saves it in your clipboard. We are not a hundred per cent sure if iPhone users have this clipboard function, but definitely android uses if we are no mistake. So, then when you go into WhatsApp and you want to send someone a quick message.

You literally click on that clipboard item and there are your quick responses. You literally just select whichever one you want. It will be auto-populate the text selection, just quick response and done. Next up is transferring media to your computer or to your phone. First thing, you are going to do is click on those three little icons and select new group, then just find a contact which you can easily add and easily remove. So, once again, we used our keyboard to type a message, add him or her to the group, then we just called that group by some name. Right now we are naming it as transfer files so that we can literally for transferring files and created the group. And, then once we had done that, we selected those three dots again.

We went to group info and over there, we just basically deleted Rishabh out of the group. So, all that’s left is us. In this group. So, once that’s done, you grab your computer and open up whatsapp desktop. If you are not sure how to do this, we’ll discuss it in another article. But you go onto WhatsApp, if you open up that group and simply attach whatever you want to transfer, so it can be documented, it can be pictures or audio files. So, as you can see – we are just downloading that picture and liking that and the picture will be on your desktop. Or vice versa, just grab a picture and drag it into whatsapp.

Send it until it automatically pop up on your phone and it will save into your gallery. We love that trick so that and we use it a lot. Now, this one – we did not know for so long and one of our friends told us about it. We thought it was amazing, so did you know that when you are in public and you want to listen to our voice notes, but you don’t want everyone else around you to hear it, all you can do is to click play and lift it up to your ear and WhatsApp will automatically play it through the earpiece. And, no one else will be able to hear the voice note.

Had it been a video, we would have demonstrated it. Group read receipts – not really a hidden feature, but this is something a lot of people don’t know and that is read receipts. So, say you are in a group with a bunch of people and you send out a message. If you actually hold down on your message, that you sent and you click that info icon at the top, there you can actually see who withing the group had read or not read your messages? As you can see there, we are selecting this one – selected an info icon and both our mom and day have read the message that we sent.

Google Assistant – So another really awesome hidden feature is sending whatsapp message via Google Assistants and this is very useful. So, if you are diving or maybe you have shopping in your hands, or maybe you are holding a baby. Let us show you – say – Okay Google, send a WhatsApp duty wants a message to the mike – Google Assistant: What’s the message? We: Please bring me some coffee. Google Assistant: I got kate, mike please bring some coffee, do you want to set it or change it, send it. Second message and yeah it will send the message through WhatsApp. How awesome is that? Bold and italic functions are evergreen. Basically, if you ever want to do bold italics, strikethrough etc. You have to do and select special characters.

But there is a much easier way to do this. All you do is you type out whatever it is. You want, you sect it as you nee we are doing here. Then you click on those three dots to the right-hand side and you can see the options for bold italic strikethrough or monospace are there and you simply select whichever one you want. What you also may not have known is – you can do all options on a piece of text, so you can bold it, italic, set mono spaced it and strike it through. If you want, you don’t just have on the option you do – all forward and then finally. Did you know you can use different fonts within WhatsApp? All you do is you go the Google and look up lingo jem. It is basically a fancy text generator, then over here, you type in whatever you would like to say. So, we just said, that’s so funny and as you can see a bunch of different text options.

Come up really, like the look of this one. So, we selected it as you can see here and just clicked copy and then as we are sure you know it will save to your clipboard or you can simply hold down and paste. Then it will paste your message in that cool font. And, you can send here – is an example of an invitation we have made using a bunch of different fonts again. We just copied it, saved to our clipboard and then we pasted it in the text entered through. Then, you will have an awesome looking message, that’s super unique and we are sure a lot of people as to how did it do that? Hopefully, with this guide, all your queries related to how to send emoji in jiophone, jio phone whatsapp emoji, emoji app for jio phone, how to send emoji in whatsapp in jio phone in hindi, download emoji keyboard for jio phone etc. are cleared. But, still, if you’re facing any queries related to How To Send Emoji In WhatsApp In Jio Phone? (Big/Animated/New/3D Heart), just let us know in the comment box below.


What Is BOTNET? DDoS Malware Attack In Network/ Cyber Security

What Is BOTNET? DDoS Malware Attack In Network/ Cyber Security: In this guide, first let’s learn, What Botnet is and why they’re used and how they are used and what they can do to you. So, let’s get started. So, the sons of the question – what is a botnet and it now is a hit large network of infected computers that all connect to one area and are controlled by the botnet. Admin these computers that are affected. We don’t serve out their computers, are knowing once they’re affected, they can connect back to the host and basically await commands from the botnet admin.

What Is BOTNET? DDoS Malware Attack In Network/ Cyber Security

The reason why you tend to see botnets being covered by the media is that when we say network, we really do mean network. We are not talking about 10 to 15 vector machines. We are talking about 10,000 infected computers and all that power is at the Spurs of the admin. But, it’s highly illegal and if you are caught using one and also be caught by spreading about illegal it and stealing information on a large scale. That’s where you are going to find yourself in some real trouble.

This is why the BANDA admins take all the private precautions of the no-log VPNs offshore hosting and secure everything to try and remain undetected for as long as possible. But, why do people do this, why do they have 10,000 bots already in action at the click of a button, mostly for money. This is by far the best way to learn about the botnets. You can use 10,000 Bots to do silent Bitcoin mining. All for one account and basically combining all that power into one single computer.

To do the mining, the reason we say silent is because – it runs in the background. However, running the silent Bitcoin miner can cause a real problem for the long term. The more the botnets, the more you suffer infected computers will notice that they have been infected by something because their GPU will be a hundred per cent usage all the time. Another thing that these infected machines can be used for is DDoS in which is a distributed denial-of-service which will disconnect the target from the internet more.

Indeed, Austin if you people choose in an episode of explained finally with a large button if false traffic diver those bots to go to websites and YouTube videos etc. to create false traffic which means money from the advertisement revenue which means you can make money from the advertisement revenue.

Because it looks like the traffic is legit, legitimate and of course you can steal from these spots such as esteem and origin accounts and seldom on. So how does it work and how does someone gets infected because of it. and why do they not know they are infected. We have actually played with the real basics of this is a very long time ago when we played with infecting Windows 7, with a reverse TCP connection. This is actually the same principle but on a much stable and larger scale, it starts off with software.

There are two kinds, we have IRC BOTS and rats IRC bots are very popular for very large botnets such as the one you see on the news been taken down by the police. IRC means Internet Relay Chat. It’s like a group messaging service where you can speak to people in private. All infected machines will secretly be listening to this chat service and waiting for commands from their administrator. it’s very simple in terms of the theory and not much can go wrong.

Second, we have rats, these are good for around 0 to 2000 BOTS and offer more features such as webcam spying and desktop sharing things like that. They are easy to sell which can be annoying when an 11-Year-Old Kid gets hold of one and start causing damage to people and deleting files and such always kick your back up with new files. They are very easy to use and very user-friendly and you can just click buttons and watch what happens. So, why are these infected machines not getting cured by Anti-Viruses?

This can be two reasons, they don’t have an anti-virus, other viruses being encrypted when we say encrypted, we mean that the code inside the virus has been encrypted. So, the invite antivirus cannot analyse it properly and it doesn’t seem to be a threat. Therefore EFRAIN seems normal.

But in the background that we serve a normal computer user cannot capture what’s really going on? So, a botnet is different than isolated pieces of malware in the fact that a botnet is a collection of infected machines which are coordinated through command and control by a central server, which is called – command and control server. So, the power of botnets is basically in the amount of distributed computation and storage power that is available to a C&C server. that is available.

It may be called as a short robot. So, the bot is basically for machines that can operate in an automated fashion, which refers to the robot, the thing that you mentioned here is clear. A botnet is a collection of things that somebody’s using for nefarious purposes, would that be right? Or does it have to be? Yeah, usually it is for a nefarious purpose. So, the main two strengths of a botnet, from the point of view of a bad person.

One, that there is, they are like bots on the order of thousands of machines; so, there is a lot of distributed computing and storage power available there. And the other one is a certain delegation of responsibility or deniability, which the infrastructure affords to the person who runs the botnet, in terms of, that the person conducts all these nefarious activities from the platform of the bots and not just directly.

Usually people are not aware; and basically, stealth and botnets usually go hand in hand, because, from the point of view of the C7C server, it wants to ensure that the bots remain infected and available, and stay that way for the longest period of the time possible. So, if the user is aware that, you know it has been infected, then you typically, they would probably re-install the operating system or take other measures to clean the machine, which doesn’t work in the favour of the botnet controller. We are assuming this starts from people opening dodgy emails, or something.

Is that the sort of thing that starts this off for an innocent user setting here, using their computer? So, every botnet has a propagation mechanism; and, nothing stopping it from using multiple propagation vectors. So, for example, a botnet can spread itself in passive ways, or inactive ways.

So, active ways usually involve little or no user intervention; basically no user intervention in the sense that, if a machine has been infected, then the bot binary has the inherent mechanism to find other hosts on the internet to infect. For example, by scanning for hots, that have known vulnerabilities that can be explained. And then, there is a passive mechanism that uses – that require some degree of user intervention. For example, drive-by downloads, which are websites that have, say some active content like Javascript or ActiveX control.

So just a user when he or she visits the website, the installation of the malware takes place in an automated fashion. So, just because they visited that website, the website might be doing something that they think. Flash – Active – that or the other, and fancy graphics. But in the background, it could be doing something much more serious. There are other passive ways, also.

We mean, social engineering is a very powerful way. of spreading malware in general, which involves some kind of human interaction to convince a user to take steps that they would otherwise not do. For example, a popup thing that popups and say – you have won the lottery. Click on this link to claim the money, and you click on that link and it initiates the download of malware to your machine.

And then, we also have propagation mechanisms like media. For example, USB sticks. Which is potentially very powerful, because it allows the infection to spread to private networks which are otherwise inaccessible over the internet. We mean, usually, the malicious binary is in the form of an executable. So, it just starts running, right, like it doesn’t need you to double click on it.

Where does the command machine come in? You know, is that bein controlled by someone or is that itself a bot? So, we think we can make use of some diagrams here – absolutely. So, here is the C&C server here. And, here is the user. The innocent user. Say that, through whatever propagation vector, thither through clicking on some bad links or through some infected media, the user installs the malicious software. If it’s associated with a botnet, usually its called a bot binary.

Binary means the executable code which can be directly run by the machine without the need to be compiled. By installing the bot binary, the user has got the infection, but it is not formally part of the botnet now. It needs to find some way to locate the C&C server to be able to exchange the messages with it.

So, it needs some rallying mechanisms. Now, the rallying mechanisms can take place in the form of an IP address. That is – the IP address can be hard-coded into the bot binary. Or the user can obtain a seed list of the IP addresses, which would be basically, IP addresses of some other hots, which know how to locate the C&C server.

So basically, like stepping stones between the C&C server and the user. Apart from the IP address, the user could also potentially use some domain name and related to the C&C server, and the domain name could likewise be hard-worded into the bot binary; or the screen. Make use of some algorithm which is known to the user, and to the C&C server to generate predictable domain names which are then associated with the C&C servers.

Either way, once the user finds out how to communicate with the C&C server, it connects to it. Now the user is formally a part of the botnet and it has kind of registered himself with a botnet. So typically, the C&C server wants the bots to carry out certain nefarious activities on its behalf. It is able to access that particular bot in time. Now, the purpose for which these bots can be used is different.

For example, the bots can be used for the purpose of information gathering, which involves, sensitive information like passwords, credit card information, or information that is not of a financial nature but still valuable for example, intellectual property. The other purpose for which the botnets can use its bots is for distributed computing.

For example, distributed password cracking, getting bots to solve Captcha, basically, anything that requires proof of work and is infeasible, for the botmaster, the person who controls the botnet, to carry out individually. It can distribute it across the recruited bots and get them to do it on its behalf. The C&C machine is obviously under the control of the whoever botmaster is. Is that there usually their own computer, or is that again remote from them?

So, is there – we were wondering if there was any way of tracing them? So, it would be very naive of a botmaster to directly use its own machine for the C&C purposes.

And, usually, how it evades detection is to incorporate several stepping stones between itself and the machines. And, for example, it could log in to that machine or access that machine using the TOR network.

So that way, it is using that machine anonymously and remove all traces of its identity, and basically be untraceable. How many botnets are actually operating on the internet at the amoung? Is there – can anyone hazard a guess at those numbers, or – it is hard to say, because, how can you count the number of bots that are controlled, right?

Like if its a centralized, botnet and there is one or like a limited number of C&C servers – in one specific case, they looked at all the incoming connections to the C&C server, which kind of helped them estimate the footprint of the botnet, which is the number of botnets that formed part of the botnet. But, who knows if there are other C&C servers related to the same botnet?

Because, you know, looking from the vantage point of one C&C server, would afford you visibility into only its own footprint. So, there have been academic studies on estimates of botnet footprints. But, one cannot really be completely accurate about that. Is there any way that kind of technology can help used for good? Or is it always for nefarious purposes?

Well, it’s kind of being used for the good, in the context of censorship resistance systems, where good users are trying to access some content which has been banned in their country, using more or less the same evasive measures which are used by botnets or malware to evade security people. So, its the same model turned upside down. To practice, to create a botnet, here is what we can do – or, what we will be doing is creating an executable file which will try to connect to our BackTrack 5 machine.

The PayLoad we, will be using is called Reverse TCP, which means that our BackTrack 5 machine will listen for our Windows 7 machine and establish a connection. From there, we can execute commands from the BackTrack 5 machine to run the Windows 7 machine completely undetected. People end up getting infected because they download stupid stuff such as rune space goal generators of facebook hack tools. It looks clean because it’s encrypted but what when you open the flash program?

There is a virus bandit inside of it, once you open the false program, you essentially open a huge can of warms that scare off and hide in windows if you delete the offending program it doesn’t work well. The virus has already left and gone somewhere else. So, Matic Views do not download stupid stuff and make sure what Steph and Bill, that seems too good to be true is exactly the opposite of it. To understand the DDoS attacks, you need to first know about something called Botnets. So, let’s start at the beginning.

How things are supposed to work? This is an example of regular communication between the browser and a web server. A user enters the web address, the browser sends a request to the webserver, the webserver looks up the requested web page and returns the data to the browser. Executing a simple denial of service attack, the attackers send a large number of special requests when the load is too much for the server to cope with.

It will fail to respond when a legitimate user tries to access a web page. The request will timer in a DOS attack. The malicious packets are sent from a single device but in a DDoS attack, the target is hit from several devices simultaneously launching the attack from multiple devices for several advantages. More devices mean, more available bandwidth to flood the target.

Its harder for the victim to find and block the low-level source IP Address. But, when a precaution is deployed in front of your company’s web server, it blocks the DoS and DDoS Attacks while keeping your systems online for regular usage. When a large swarm of computer acts into the control of a single attacker, its called a botnet. We will not continue to show you how botnets are commonly created.

The attacker acquires a virus, comes up with a cool name and combines two into a so-called Trojan Horse. Next, the attackers will upload the Trojan, to various popular peer to peer networks, a curious internet user notices the free wares of art on peer to peer and downloads it to SPC installation of the free wares files. But, leaves behind the virus hidden from the end-user.

When your PC gets infected, the virus will first phone home, if necessary, update its own code – then the wait further instructions. Let us introduce to you the “Attacker,” the botnet command centre, your e-commerce server globally distributed coordinate clients. The command from attackers to all bonded clients DDoS attack your server today at 2300 hours.

Notice, how the attacker cuts any contact with the direct server. Once the attack has been scheduled, it’s only a matter of time. Before all hell breaks loose. Hopefully, this guide solves all your queries related to BOTNET DDoS, BOTNET Examples, BOTNET Download, Types of BOTNETS, BOTNET Attack Example, How to Do BOTNETS Work, BOTNET for Sale, BOTNET detection etc. Still, if you’re having any questions related to What Is BOTNET? DDoS Malware Attack In Network/ Cyber Security, do let us know in the comment box below.