Is Google Adsense Beneficial For Technology Niche Anymore?

Is Google Adsense Beneficial For Technology Niche Anymore?: The clear answer to this is YES. Although in September 2019, policies are going to change. In that case, we will update you about how much beneficial the Technology Niche for Google Adsense based monetized websites. Not only details related to using Google Adsense in Technology Niche, but also we will tell you about the other high CPC and profitable niche for Google Adsense. First of all, let’s see how Adsense works.Is Google Adsense Beneficial For Technology Niche Anymore?

Is Google Adsense Beneficial For Technology Niche Anymore?

First and Foremost, Adsense works by taking all the ads that are on Google and funnelling them into a system. So, when you are an advertiser on Google, and you show up on the Google search as ads by Google. What happens is you have an option to choose a little checkbox. If you check that box, it means that you are going to be on What’s known as the content network. The content network is a network of a bunch of websites like your websites and my websites. And, all the people on the internet who have the websites, who are using the Google Adsense program and the content networks show these ads on that website.

So, what happens is – you get a little code you put it on your website. Google runs ads from their database of content network advertisers and put them on your website and you get paid when people click, which is pretty cool. Who would like to get paid just when people click on ads. We all would. Now, this is a program that we have made hundreds of thousands of dollars with. It is by no means our top income source or even our top 5 income source or even a top 10 income source.

But, it is a very good supplement to our income. So, what we first off want to do is understand and how it works and the way it works is by putting code on your website running the ad and when people click the advertisement, you get a check in the mail or you an amount. Right in the amount is based on the search term. Now, you will notice that there are some search terms like funny tax, funny cat. It has not advertisers. Maybe there’s on advertiser but we doubt there are any others. Write Funny cats, has very little advertisers which means the amount you are going to get click on the word Funny Cat is a very little.

However, there are words like Mortgage, Refinance, Insurance, that are very expensive. Now, if you get traffic for a mortgage, refinance, you could get as much as $10 a click or more. Which is cool. So, the funny cat is going to be like 3 cents a click, if you are lucky oftentimes, it’s less than mortgages. It’s going to be like $10 a click or more. Very good. So obviously, if we have traffic for a mortgage, we are going to make more money. And, if we have traffic for funny cats, we are not going to make as much money as with Funny Cat.

So, it’s very important to look at this. Because Google bases the amount you get on the content on your website and pulls it against the advertisers and what they are willing to pay. Now, this is all done automatically through code and what we want to do is want to take a look at three things that are going to increase the amount of revenue you make on Google Adsense. You have to get the people to click on the Ad. Now, it is against the Google Adsense rules to ask the visitors – Hey click this ad. We don’t want to do that.

This will lead to a permanent ban. So avoid doing anything that will lead to the Adsense Ban. Stay calm when placing the ads on your website. We want the people to naturally click the edge. So, what we want to do is just put it in our content and make it look like content. So, make the title blue. This is the title of the Adsense. Alright. And, make the link glue that way, people will click on them. You always want to use text ads because text ads nine times out of ten are going to out pull image ads. So, text ads are big. So, we are going to put text ad. Very important, the second way, right, first of all, we have got to get lots of clicks.

The second way you are going to make more money on Google Adsense is going to be multiplying traffic. You see, those websites out there like Funny Cats or we have a cheeseburger or cat has a cheeseburger or whatever. And, these sites make a lot of money. But, they also get a lot of traffic. So, if you don’t have a lot of traffic, you are not going to make a lot of money.

So, the key is making as much as you can off of each individual visitors. Even after reading this in-depth guide related to Is Google Adsense Beneficial For Technology Niche Anymore?, still, if you are facing any questions or problems regarding the topic that is Is Google Adsense Beneficial For Technology Niche Anymore? please make sure to let us know your exact issue in the comment box below.

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