Why Wikipedia is Ranking on top for every keyword it covers

Why Wikipedia is Ranking on top for every keyword it covers: You will be shocked to learn that there has been an advanced level study on this topic inside the international level university. In that research or work, the people tried to find out about the Multilingual ranking of Wikipedia Articles with Quality and Popularity assessment. Also, it directly or indirectly relates to our topic as well – Why Wikipedia is Ranking on top for every keyword it covers. Wikipedia articles about various topics can be created and edited independently in each language version.Why Wikipedia is Ranking on top for every keyword it covers

Why Wikipedia is Ranking on top for every keyword it covers

Therefore, the quality of information about the same topic depends on the language. Any interested user can improve an article and that improvement might depend on the popularity of the article. The goal of our work is to show what topics are best represented in different language version of keep idea using a result of quality and popularity assessment. For over 39 million articles, in 55 languages, they also show you how the results of the study can be used to build local and global rankings of the Wikipedia content. Wikipedia has an extensive category network and each article can be annotated with multiple categories.

Each language version can define own structure of categories and moreover in some language versions that structure is often too fine. Great to be directly analyzed for our research. they extracted information about over 10 million categories in 55 languages. And, analyzing about 400 million links from the articles to categories and over 26 million links between the categories. After combining articles from all considered language versions to a particular category, they concluded that the largest number of articles are in one of two categories, geography and people to measure Wikipedia quality. They must take into the account that it is an encyclopedia and it is based on web 2.0 technologies. Therefore, they have seven quality dimensions.

They are completeness, credibility, objectivity, readability, relevance, style and timeliness popularity of a Wikipedia article. It can be determined with the measures reflecting the demand for the information contained in it, by the readers and authors. So, the popularity of articles can be measured based on the number of visits and also can be measured by taking into the account, the number of unique authors. If the measurement concerns only selected language version, then they call it local popularity. they can also calculate the global popularity which takes into account the popularity of articles about the same topic in different languages.

Here you can see the formulas to calculate global popularity from the readers and authors point of view. It is important to note that the second formula used a set of unique names of the authors to measure the polarity and quality of each article. they extracted over 100 million values of features characterizing articles in all analyzed languages. All articles were grouped into categories. Here you can see heat maps which show differences between quality author interest and pageviews between the topics and language versions based on the assessment of over 39 million articles.

They can build rankings of articles in each language version of Wikipedia separately and also leveraged a lot of knowledge about links between languages to build multi-lingual global rankings calculated measures can be gathered to create an individual profile of each article in each language version. Such profiles can be also used to compare the demand for the specific product between various language community. For example, themes, cars, video games, software and so on.

Let’s look at an example, they want to assess Wikipedia article about Popcorn in English, Wikipedia so they can copy the URL address of this article and search it in Wiki. Now they see the profile of this article in this language version on the left side. they will see general information about assessment and position of this article and different rankings in the centre. they have different values of measures and on the right side, they have information about historical values of popularity assessment.

Below on the left side, they can also find a ranking of the language version of the same article with the highest values of quality and popularity measure additionally they can see the foremost of you want to know more about quality and popularity assessment, they will again share with you some of our other studies. Even after reading this in-depth guide related to Why Wikipedia is Ranking on top for every keyword it covers, still if you are facing any questions or problems regarding the topic that is Why Wikipedia is Ranking on top for every keyword it covers, please make sure to let us know your exact issue in the comment box below.

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