How to permanently ban a spammer from Facebook Fan Page

How to permanently ban a spammer from Facebook Fan Page: In this article, we are going to share with you what we know to be true as far as banning someone is concerned. Or Banning mappers from your Facebook Business Page. This is rather complicated if your Facebook business page is attached to your personal profile Facebook page and all that stuff when you logged in the comment spam. Or, at the time, when you are logged out of Facebook, it’s really confusing. It has taken me, you know, countless hours to work out – how to really control the comment spam.How to permanently ban a spammer from Facebook Fan Page

How to permanently ban a spammer from Facebook Fan Page

That is a natural part of the Internet in 2016. So, we are going to share with you what we finally understand. Because you work very hard to maintain your Facebook Business Page and then we have some highly intelligent clever monkeys coming in and leaving spam, thinking that somehow that’s going to help them in this journey. THat’s never going to help them. So, in this article section, we are going to show you how you can ban someone and what we do not only do we ban them. We also go ahead and block them.

Because this system of Facebook really works. It is really complicated because, if you block someone, then they are not banned if you ban someone that they are not blogging anymore. It’s just mind-boggling. So, when you are logged into your Facebook business page, press on settings. Let’s press on those settings because here we have people and other pages. So, here we will see all the people, you know, giving us details or interacting with our pages and those people who leave those spammy comments. They will actually be here for us. We really had terrible spam on our Facebook Business page or email Facebook Department Customer Service.

They were helpful to a degree. But, they have not sorted my issue here. Because they think that it’s OK for other people to spam online business page. Right? So once you identify the spammer, you know who that spammer is – right on your page. Business Page. Then go to people on other pages and search for that spammer. In our case, it’s this person here. Let’s now then from our page, let’s press on that here. It’s going to say – Okay a person who has been you on, cannot post a comment like or take other actions on your page. They won’t be notified as if we gave, they are notified or not. Right?

Because, as far as we are concerned, they should be banned from our page because they are leaving spam now. Once we ban them, as you can see, let’s press on the name once again to confirm this person has been banned from my business page. Let’s close in here, remove from page likes, let’s also remove that person if they gave us alike because we are not interested in their life. If they try to spam our Business Page, right now, so now as you can see, they are gone.

But, the next step you simply go to their profile and press on this three dots button. Let’s refresh this because then you will be able to notice what it shows. Now you will notice that you have already banned this person from your page. Now, we can also block this person. Here, it’s going to say confirm a block. Let us confirm and let’s press OK. Now, as far as we are concerned that the person has been blocked. We have different people being blocked as well.

You can unblock them, if you, so choose. But, now this Facebook User Interface is complicated. It’s gone to our personal profile page and settings. But, as you can see, we have just shown you how to block someone as well as ban someone from your Facebook Business Page. Now, we hardly use Facebook for our personal profile. We utilize my brother’s profile to interact with family members throghout the world. But, for my business page, we are spending our money, time and energy to grow it and what we put here is valuable for website owners and aspiring entrepreneurs. And, we want them to give us life for what we share with them.

Not spammers who are trying to, you know, steal our efforts. So, to speak, so now as you can see that Spammer was somewhere here, leaving a comment here, all of a sudden they have been and they are blocked as well. We hope this article section is of use to you if you are managing your Facebook Business Page. We are more than 110 per cent certain, we have just shared with you, you will definitely find it useful. Apart from all this, we have finally decided to share more in-depth guides related to topics such as – How to permanently ban spammer from Twitter?

How to permanently ban spammer from Instagram? How to permanently ban spammer from YouTube as well. Stay tuned with us to get the notifications of these upcoming guides. Even after reading this in-depth guide related to How to permanently ban a spammer from Facebook Fan Page, still, if you are facing any questions or problems regarding the topic that is How to permanently ban a spammer from Facebook Fan Page, please make sure to let us know your exact issue in the comment box below.

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