How to get a personalised URL for your Facebook Page (or Profile)

How to get a personalised URL for your Facebook Page (or Profile): In today’s article, we will be showing you how to create a custom URL for your Facebook Page without waiting for a long period to get likes. So, first of all, you head on to the page you want to change its a username or if you want to create your first username. So, just we don’t know your page, in our case, here is Facebook business page and we encourage you to hit like to find useful tricks, tips and reviews.How to get a personalised URL for your Facebook Page (or Profile)

How to get a personalised URL for your Facebook Page (or Profile)

So, first of all, I head on to create page username. Click on it, this will open a new window in which you will have a box to write your username as simple as that. Yes, we will type in your username here. We will select the blog next. It’s available. But, here what we need to mention is that the system does not accept any other symbols. It’s the example, the apostrophe’s you can see there is a name is not available. But in fact, the problem is not related to this kind of characters or examples. Also, the same for the – it’s not accepted. And, space also is not accepted.

So, the only character you can use is just the food shop. Which can make a space or separate two names of your chance as in our case. After being confirmed that the username is available and eligible to be claimed, you can also head on to choosing a username help. Here you will find tips on how to select your username without wasting any time. Problems will be there if you are not lucky to get accepted. After the Facebook Page Name is verified and is available, we will receive a green tick.

All you need to do next is just to click on Create Username. Click on it. Wait a few seconds. So, you are all set. Success message, username, in Exeter has been created for And, It has also been mentioned that it’s now easier for people to find your page in search. People can also visit your page at and send your page messages at And, as you can see we have just created the page. So no need to wait for having 1000 or 10,000 likes or subscribers to have a custom username like in our case.

Click on OK. Let’s check now. So, as you can see, it has been named – blognxt. Whenever you type in the name in the box, the search box will find your Facebook Page without having any other figures or numbers which are hard to remember. So, this will help your fans to easily find your page and follow you. And, of course, increase your followers and likers. We hope you have liked this tip, don’t forget to stay tuned with for more such in-depth guides. Or, to receive other great tips correspondingly. So, you have created a Facebook Business Page for our local business. And, you are very happy with yourself.

A week goes by, two weeks and nothing. Not one like and your only followers are your friends and your mum. In this section, we are going to share with you powerful Facebook Page Optimization tips. If you have not created a page for your business yet. Then create one and add a profile picture that reflects your brand. It is going to be displayed on all your posts and Facebook Search Results, so it is going to be one of the most important parts of the Facebook Business Page. Make sure the picture is 180 pixels by 180 pixels square. And, is still readable when reduced to 40 pixels which are the size it will be in a newsfeed.

Then, make sure to add a cover photo. You never get a second chance to make a great first impression and that’s what you should use your own cover photo. For since, it’s the biggest image on your page, and the most impactful at 820 pixels by 312 pixels. Your cover photo is by far the largest image of your page and it allows showcasing your business. Think about changing it right now or you can change it regularly as well. It will grab the attention of your visitors straight away. And, make it more engaging, have a look at this example, for instance, from Mary Smith. She has a video running as her cover photo. It is a kind of presentation.

But, the best part is that it is awesome. And is really grabbing the attention of the page visitor and most likely to convert him or her into a page follower. Video can be of 20 to 90 seconds. And at least from 920 pixels in length to 312 pixels in breadth. The description is another very important factor for your Facebook page. One day or the another, a person will have to go through such details about your page. receive

All the whereabouts of your page are mentioned in the description only. Even after reading this in-depth guide related to the topics such as How to get a personalised URL for your Facebook Page (or Profile), still if you are facing any questions or problems regarding the title that is How to get a personalised URL for your Facebook Page (or Profile), please make sure to let us know your exact issue in the comment box below.

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