Exactly Why Bitcoin Prices Jumped In July 2019: Should You Invest In It?

Bitcoins price is going up again. Right now, and everybody wants to know why in this article, we are going to show you why it is going up crazily these days. And more importantly, why its almost guaranteed to continue to rise over the next year’s and decades. We call it the perfect storm for the Bitcoin to grow knowing this fundamental research. It will put you ahead of 95% of other investors that are not paying attention so stay tuned until last.Exactly Why Bitcoin Prices Jumped In July 2019: Should You Invest In It?

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Bitcoin right now, we have some big news, this is macroeconomic news, this is the stuff that tells the future right here and we are going to talk about why Bitcoin is going upright and like w said, in the introduction even more importantly why it continues to go up in the next few years. First of all, the first thing we have to understand is that value is subjective and we are going to start with this because you have a lot of people on whatever YouTube, Twitter, CNBS wherever trends shifted.

They say, Bitcoin has not to value, the shift is the big one, today saying Bitcoin has no value. But the gold has value right now. Besides storing value, Gold has value and he said because we have gold cufflinks. Sure, but, value is subjective. What does that mean, that means that it’s in the eye of the beholder just because something is value to me doesn’t mean its value to you. So, that’s valuable to you don’t mean its value to me. Let say that your great grandmother passed yo some down.

Some heirloom, well to me that may look like junk, no offence grandmothers. But, at the same time, they could have tremendous value to someone else. So, value is subject and so he says, that it’s well, its that our goal it can make gold cufflinks even if gold was not the money. Many people on this planet earth may have or still having those gold cufflinks, still not equally valuable to everyone. Well, first of all, it’s only valuable if people think it is. First of all, the second thing is that it misses that Bitcoin has value too. There’s lots of value in Bitcoin and a lot of people can see it now. Just because he doesn’t see that value doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist right.

So, w can see well, there’s a lot of people in the United States that see the value and including ourself, but we really see it as an oppressive regimes, you know people in Venezuela, zimbabwe, you place even in China where they are paying premiums to get out of there crashing economies to them that has massive value. It has massive value, they are paying a huge premium to do that because they see that right. So, we just want to start with that value, subjective and so why we will continue to rise in value and we want to know that Bitcoin is available and valuable because right into again he has his gold cufflinks. We will say they are valuable because someone else will pay for them, but eventually, maybe they will not.

They won’t be someone else to pay for the right and really it’s in the day what is gold cufflinks really worth. We mean, we could have ones that look like they are gold, we could have the silver right. They are cufflinks, there are cufflinks but nothing else can do what bitcoin can now. we are not going to go into all this because that’s not the purpose of our talk right here. What we are going to talk about is why it’s going up and why its almost guaranteed to continue going up. But, before we do we just want to set the stage so the Bitcoin is valuable because, its digital scarcity, that’s a really big one. Digital scarcity. Its governed by code, not people. People are always been manipulated game and scam. This is governed by code.

It’s censorship-resistant, that means, nobody, no government can seize it, steal it. Alright, now talking about the block. It is immutable, once you own it, nobody can take it. Nobody can change it, it’s borderless. Anybody in the world can use this in its permissionless. You don’t have to get permission, anyone can join it. You have to get permission to get a bank account. You only get a bank account, if you are in a certain country, certain border, right all these things. And that’s why it is valuable now. If none of those things matters to you then, we can easily see it that you don’t see the value and that’s fine.

But, there’s a heck of a lot of people that do and as things continue, all those things. All those traits that are going to be a lot more valuable to you, now we talked about all those individual articles. If you want to know about Etherium etc. please let us know in the comment box on this website. Moving right along, so those are the primary value drivers now. What would cause the value of Bitcoin to go up, based off of those traits? Right, so, first of all, Bitcoin, you have probably heard, it’s digital gold, its being you know referred to as gold all the time.

Its like a digital gold and the reason why it’s being said that is because gold for thousands of thousand years has been KaOS hedge specifically more in the recent history as we get into these FIAT money experiments and governments get out of control spending is its chaos hedge so FIAT is a money that’s not backed by anything. It’s really what we have seen over 50 or 60 years. And, now people just think that’s the way it is. But, it’s not the way it is. We are like 50 years into this FIAT Money experiment for 50 years into this Frankenstein economy Fiat.

We are not going to get in all that actually, but the most important thing right now is – if you don’t understand, how your FIAT money system works, you are not qualified to judge whether a cryptocurrency will be successful or not. Actually, what’s happening is as people are losing trust, in the FIAT system, as its starting to shake and crumble, and fall apart more and more people are going to gold. Just reached an all-time high. Well, the highest point, it’s been in six years, the central banks, we have an article about this, the central banks bought more gold than any time since 1971.

The reason why 1971 is important because that’s the year, the US dollar got off of the gold system. So, central banks, they know something probably. More than me and you, they are buying gold. And, the retail market just reached an all-time high. Once, it in the last six years, so as FIAT drops gold rises and Bitcoin continues to rise and we are going to tell you exactly why that is so. The question is if you look at the world right now, we have all this geopolitical stability. It is getting better or is it getting worse.

Do, we have more threads of wars, more threats of sanctions, more set threats of tariffs, more threats of you know whatever is it getting better. It’s getting worse right and imagine like where do things go. We kind of have to predict the future. Well, we are here to show you with facts right if you have been watching our show, long enough that we don’t try and just give you a bunch of opinions what we like to do is give you the facts and will let you make those up. Now, if you like the facts and not opinions give us a thumbs up, if you want the facts, because that’s what we are going to bring to you.

What is coming here is what’s happening. Here’s the future, here’s what’s happening. So, first of all, especially, the United States. But really, all the developed world. All the world have this massive rise in what’s being called democratic socialism. Now, it’s really socialism, it is nothing new. If you don’t know about this very much, then you seriously need to learn about it. Moreover, if you want a guide from us on this topic. Just let us know in the comment box below.

It’s failed first by ruining a country and then failing. So, today we can see socialism failing Venezuela was one of the best countries in the world 15-20 years ago. Look at it today, it is falling apart socialism so what’s going on, the United States is there saying well it is not socialism, it is democratic. They are going to differ from what they really want to do with the nation. Or thousands of years of failed, socialism will do democratic socialism, we are going to fix it. It’s actually a point of laughter, because its not that easy to fix it all individually.

What that means is then, now we have written a couple of articles. Just go back to the playlist and look for those articles where we can explain. After the Bretton Woods Agreement, the entire world pegs its currency to the US dollar. 1971 we got off the gold standard, but everyone’s been continuing to peg to the dollar all the money moved through the Swift System. So, basically everybody’s on the dollar world reserve system and just this week, it’s been continuing to fall apart. This week was a massive piece of news that dropped that was like maybe one of the biggest blows to the United States world reserve status. US dollar world reserve status really big news again, obviously that will be covered in the separate article.

Anyway moving right along. So back to the facts deficits are growing like we said they are growing. How much you are short of right, we have our income and we have our expenses and the difference is the deficit. Right, so, now the deficits, just surpassed one trillion dollars per year. A dollar pair a trillion dollars per year. It’s crazy. Right, we mean, so basically every year, we are just going in debt by another trillion, multi-trillion dollars.

Imagine, that it’s crazy. We have added 60 trillion dollars since 2008, just in the last 10 years alone and there’s just no sign of slowing down, the government expenditures have continued to increase. They have never gone down and there’s really nothing that makes me think to go with the government in this case. So, when you really look at the liabilities and if you add in all these unfunded liabilities, that are there, we’re really like 200 trillion dollars.

They show that twenty to twenty dollars of that. It’s really like two hundred dollars including all the liabilities. It just likes a massive hole and really we are about to get to this point of no return that we were talking about. Alright, the point of no return is like – we said by 2022, just the interest on the debt will be more than the tax receipts. So, you know what happens at that point is hopefully you have never been in the situation. Let’s say it is like the 2008-2009 financial crisis.

For those, whose bills exceeded their income, now what do you do? Well, you take on debt, so people were using credit cards and bank loans and home equity lines to pay for their life. Because, their debt had risen the payments on their, that had risen more than their income and by 2022. So, that is the future. Three years, that’s where we are going to be well, that’s not good at the audition, we have the supply and demand problem. So, the supply and demand is basically the demand for our debt. Well, how do we go into a trillion dollars of debt? If you think about that again, going back to your personal example.

If your debt exceeded your income, well where would you get the debt to keep funding your lifestyle like we said, credit cards. Home equity lines etc., well the government, we are going to hear the comments go ahead the governments not a personal the budget. We get it, but the government still has to get money from somewhere, so where do they get it, well foreign governments have been the real buyers. You may have probably heard that the Chinese have all the debt for the United States. So forth for the United States government issues, a bond, we can buy bonds personally and that’s been a good investment in the past. government friend governments but bonds but guess what, nobody wants to buy anymore China’s products.

Also, that statement is not correct in all aspects. If you will watch out, the smartphone market is still dominated by Chinese mobile phones and other markets (including all-time contradictory Chinese Company – Huawei). One is buying them, so we have no demand for the bonds.

But, at the same time, we have all this supply. We need more and more debt, as we are just showing you we did trillion dollars a year. Just right off the bat and by 2022, we are going to get even more, so there are tones of supply. No demand, nobody wants it and so with no foreign buyers. What happens, is well when the government is ready to invest in anything say for example gold or Bitcoin. Then the trend, trust and interest of public increases mainly for that product only.

In fact, the government is the one which starts creating these currency wars and really. We think its a lot of what’s behind these trade wars. So, you know, we are sure again, if you have been paying any attention at all. Basically, you know Trump is in trade wards, particularly with China. But lots of other countries tariffs, those things and really its kind of this proxy war. Because everybody’s fighting over this right now and so we just have this demand for debt.

But, nobody’s buying it and really what we are seeing all through politics doesn’t matter on the right of the left Democrat republican whatever you are its really bipartisan meaning. Both sides, they are all on board with spending more money. We need more money spent at the border, we need more money to fight terrorism, we need more money to pay these entitlements on and on and so we have all these calls for more and more spending. And, as we said, we have these entitlements, these boomers, so to get back by 2050.

All the tax collected will be spent just on boomers alone. Think about that now. 2015 may sound like a long time off, but that’s 30 years. We mean, depend on how old you are, 30 years goes by relatively right now. So, we are mainly talking revenue collected is just going to go to boomers. Well, what about everything else. What about everything else, where’s that money going to come from. Do you start to see, what’s going on here? So, they are going to print, so what happens, what’s going to happen, a bill does. So, they brought them up, let us tell you what’s going to happen, we have to print money. We have no choice, we need more money, we are not collecting it. We are going to conitnue spending more.

No one is going to take a loan. Also, no one will be able to loan us money so the only option is that we print money now like, we said, we are already drowning in debt and what happens. When we bring money is we inflate the money supply. It inflates the money supply, which basically makes all the money worthless and less. That’s basically what the Government’s doing is weakening their currency. They are lowering the value of the currency right. They don’t have any jobs left, that’s what they do now. The dollar has already lost 90% of its purchasing power. Pay attention to this right here, not many people understand this. People think that everything is going to get expensive, expensive car, expensive homes etc.

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