Advantages & Disadvantages Of 5G Network?

So, how much money has the industry committed to supporting additional independent research? Independent research is that independent research ongoing has any been completed where can consumers look for it and we talked about research on the biological effects of this new technology. We rely on the findings of the FDA and others as to the requirements to keep all of us safe. You can no longer assume that your wireless technology is safe.Advantages & Disadvantages Of 5G Network?

We don’t have one on the panel what are we make with of the American Cancer Society, for example, telling us. There’s no evidence of harmful product. Many of these organisations have conflicts of interest very briefly. One of the first things that organisations teach residents is that you always have to look at the funding.

Advantages & Disadvantages Of 5G Network?

You always have to look at the funding. There’s a tremendous amount of sponsored research by people who are tired to do studies to find no effect and that’s plagued this filed in several countries. “The radiofrequency radiation work that we did was supported by Motorola. The relationship was really very cordial and very stress-free but only up until we started to gender hitting data. These folks were very very upset and began to talk about how are they going to handle this.

What sort of spin can we put on this, what can we expect from this and from that point on the relationship changed. What we saw was that Motorola began to exert more and more control over the work telling us what to do tell us how to write abstracts what to say in the abstracts, what to say in the paper. We had completed our study of DNA damage and we submitted the final report to Motorola. They simply weren’t willing to accept. Our interpretation of my study my evaluation of my study, my knowledge of science at that point and tried to urge me not to publish the study” said Jerry L. Phillips – Director, Science Learning Center.

“A large number of people coming to organisations and complaining about the illness we were made aware of health. Complaints following installation of smart meters and we wanted to verify this using our fieldwork so we measured the filed of about 30 different people while they stood one foot in front of the smart meter and in every single case, the human energy field was obliterated as they stood in front of the smart meter” said Dr. Frank H. Springob, Chiropractic physician and author. So in our first slides, what we see is normal cells and the structure of the cells is intact and sound this is what we would expect from a normal sample.

So, after two minutes of exposure in front of the smart meter at about one foot away, we see a totally different story sample. One you can see a lot of degradation in the cells. The cell walls have been broken and you see changes the cells which are called mycoplasma. It shows a mutation to the cell in the second sample. We seem a different type of degradation to the cell membranes you can see a corrugation. Here this is called bottle-cap formation and it’s known that this occurs due to oxidation or exposure to free radicals.

So this third subject when we did her sample, she had to be pulled away from the meter after 45 seconds because she complained about an increasingly severe headache and here you see a phenomenon called rouleaux where the red blood cells are stacking up which makes it very difficult for the blood to deliver oxygen to the tissues as they would be their normal function every single one of these is a degradation. Every single one of these shows of trauma to the blood cells and that came from something and the only variable was the smart meter.

The good news in all this is the patience and the blood can return to normal once they have been removed from the influences of these stressors. Some of the effects that we can look at well one thing are to say regular Wi-Fi 2.4 gigahertz that’s in the same range as microwave ovens which are also called radar ranges because that is radar 2.4 gigahertz is interesting it’s not the peak absorption rate in water for microwave frequencies. But it’s at the point where it allows full penetration because if it came in, at the peak, it would prevent the insides from getting warm. So, that’s what basic Wi-Fi. Now when we look at 5G, 60 Gigahertz.

This is what they call active dispersal and weaponry just to keep people back it burns the skin. It doesn’t penetrate but 60 Gigahertz is the frequency of oxygen molecule absorption since they electrons that they share with each other what we breathe is actually O2, pair of oxygen. So being bombarded with 60 Gigahertz could very well impair our oxygen absorption rates in our body and thereby the whole basis of our living system. Martin Paul once said – putting tens of millions of 5G antennas without a single biological test of safety has to be about the stupidest idea.

Anyone has had in the history of the world. So, assessing all this we, have experts in various fields military. EMF weaponry biological effects on humans, firefighters, that are getting cognitive impairment by being there in their countries that are banning. These sort of technologies around schools because of the impairment to cognitive. let’s weight that up in light of what Rudolf Steiner said in 1924 about just mere radio causing the impairment of cognitive functions on people that they can receive news from around the world. But, they cannot understand it as well, because of the effect of the Tricity, we have to say something smells sinster here.

Here, with the fifth generation, it’s actually a whole new ball game. It is not using the same technology they use. They are switching to military-grade millimetre wave technology and when you look at this technology and if you go and look at DARPA reports kind of look at some of the patents that the United States military has put out on what they can do with psychological weapons. All sorts of things crowd control active denial anything you can think of this is what they can do with 5G.

So any type of military application you can think of which is an electromagnetic base they can do with 5G. And, they are putting this out blanket across the population. At the Michigan House Committee Meeting, there were hundreds of limited questions about the regulation of engineers who maybe know how to measure the radion it’s passing a wall but not when it’s passing a body all our health agencies objected. It’s saying that it makes no sense to adult engineering association that they had not even one biomedical person on their team.

They are effective indemnified against adverse health impacts when the acceptable limits are higher than the limits actually shown to show harmful health effects. The FCC guidelines were developed for short-term exposures to 6 minutes or 30 minutes depending on its a phone or an outdoor exposure and they have absolutely no connection to the biological effects that have been very clearly summarized in the bio initiative.

So, you can see there are several individuals in this room today that has serious concerns about this as regards to their health if one of your companies decides to put one o these small cells up at a pole that’s withing say 50 fees of one of their houses.

What recourse do they have to say is there a way to move it somewhere else. There, there’s a language in the bill, so that the authority can require the application to come forth with the certification of compliance with the FCC’s rules related to radiofrequency emission. Remember that denial of request or denial permit request that you can put in it is going to point back to the acceptable levels as determined by the FCC. Not the EPA, not the CDC, the ones who usually take care of health concerns but, by the FTC, which is staffed by former numbers of telecommunication industry, that’s a fox guarding the henhouse.

It’s a fact that most insurance companies will not indemnify against EMF effects telecom companies around the world are warning their investor of potential major cost due to real or alleged risks of EMF pollution from their products, interestingly enough, they are warning their investors, but they are not telling their customers, they are basically keeping it quiet because that’s where the money comes from.

So, we are using technology that could be very potentially harmful to us and the investor know it but their only worry is that they might money. Not that our health might be affected, first of all, we think that we should really think about is why is it that they are not insured, its owner they chose to be self-injured, the insurance company from being insured because of they its time to rest.

So, the insurance companies, the big insurance companies will not insure the telecommunications. Called secondary insurance companies secondary insurance companies are the insurance companies that insure the insurance companies so in a vent, an insurance company. Let’s say Verizon and it may not be able to meet the claims, then the secondary insurance company is kicking in like Lloyds of London. What applies to London and Swiss rail both told the insurance company. Not to ensure the wireless industry and this is why they are not insured and that should give you a hint. Now, this is exactly why they have to prevent its health in a lawsuit that goes back to section 174.

What is EMF Blackout?

In 1996, President Clinton signed the telecommunication act into law. Section 704 of the TCA states that no health or environmental concern can interfere with the placement of telecom equipment. This is how our right in regards to health was taken away, by the Wallace industry.

What is the distillation did it gave, the power to regulate, the health effects of wireless technology to the FCC, F this is a spectrum actioning the health agency they don’t even have one biomedical person on their team and then the other thing is section 704 did. It actually took the power from the state to regulate the location of cell towers based on Health and what does it means, it means that if they want to put a cell tower in front of your home, you cannot go to the City Council.

Stop, we don’t want it. We just that learned that there are already thousands of studies that are proving this to be harmful. We don’t want our child is sick. The hotel’s top, you are not allowed to mention this in the City Council because section 704 says if you will and if the application will be rejected the city. Will be sued can be sued by the Wireless industry.

What was the next step after EMF Blackout –

In 1999, the FDA and NTP conduct a 16 year, 30 million dollar study examining the effects of EMF radion. In 2016 a partial report was released.

A major US Governments study finds a link between cell phones and cancer. Very first government study linking with radiation from cell phones to cancer to decade @30,000,000 federal study out today found there is some evince of a link between cell phone radiation and brain cancer.

After, what is the NDP have heard that study several times in DPS work? So it’s a 25 million dollar study on rats that mice that were supported to demonstrate that there were no effects of radion below thermal and in fact, it demonstrated exactly the opposite and it follows on the heels of two major studies. And, animals that said exactly the same thing and that study was designed perfectly to make sure that it cannot be a challenge. That, there will not be any doubt that’s why it took them.

14 Years that’s how they prevent a discussion of health and why do they want to prevent discussion of health. If there’s no problem related to health, simply put FCC and is completely unprepared, unable and possibly unwilling to oversee 5G for safety even as it barrels towards us. They are falling back on tired definitions and panaceas long since disproved by science to make matters worse recent FCC rulings at numerous industry-friendly bills passed at state and federal levels between 2016 and 2018 removed the last vestiges of local and state review over infrastructure sighting.

Just when we need it the most when those first studies who will perform, these years and years ago nobody knew the importance of the microbiome, the role of the microbiome and the immune system and even less the role of the microbiota inside our brains, that is microbes that are normally resting inside our brains, whose influence was nothing but immense. Anyway, think well, who cares about microbes. Microbes, we have the abilities, well you know, by now that this is not absolutely the case, because microbes are truly essential for the development and function of all our organs as systems. Our immune system is based on microbes. In, we have in our gut and our ring also as microbes that influence its function.

In tests, it has been found this like mould, if you grow mould inside a Faraday cage, it will grow one way in the field unless the electromagnetic fields around take the Faraday Cage away. And, some sort of 600 biotoxins is developed within the mould because of the effects of the EMFs upon it. Electromagnetic Fields even of weak quality have an effect upon our microbiome which is really essential to our whole being this is going to eviscerate microbial DNA inside human beings. Which is our effective operating system number one?

So it may not impact human DNA in laboratory experiments right now and they are saying it doesn’t impact human DNA, but given that human DNA is less than 1% of the cellular DNA in the human body the rest of the cellular DNA is microbial and we know that this will eviscerate microbial DNA. So, we are talking about a takedown of the operating system of human beings exactly. We could not have put it better ourself. Even be speaking about this, you know, it’s not unsafe, no problem with us talking on your system, you are making a complaint. It’s a complaint, an area that we don’t have the authority to regulate.

So, the connection between chemtrails and 5G, its all interconnected. The metalized particulates that would allow the 5G fears the rear. So, basically, the rear door that would allow it to people to identify you. So, then watch you are going to identify you in your own home 24 hours a day, seven days a week for the last X amount of years. We have been through chem trailing and that is now the cat is out of the box. We have had these nano particulates raining down on humanity for years now.

Impregnating our bodies by best account staying inside our bodies. Those nano particulates what you are saying are creating a building up a kind of a phosphorescent glow capability. So, that we can be flagged up in our homes behind concrete and steel inside bunkers in the basement, doesn’t matter where you are. The 5G will be able to now triangulate map and read you because of you as living particulate acting which acts as a kind of transmission and reception technology.

Exactly absolutely. You have to conder that DNA also works as a fractal antenna which can send and receive and also process signals. Under the form of radio frequencies, well then there is no doubt that artificial radio frequencies such as those or cell towers and in particular these and new types of towers that have a much higher density of signals. They may somehow interfere with the ability of DNA to retain and transmit biological signals.

So this is one level fo danger that very few biologists are aware of. How much effort was put forward to address this? The other that what most of these people are many of these people are here for the 5G related concerns. Was there any dialogue back and forth, was there any working when lots of studies have been conducted on this topic spending even millions of dollars.

From your perspective, you feel that there was a legitimate amount of time to evaluate the data, that the opposition would have one this one, absolutely, and we would not have put forth something that we didn’t believe in and we will tell you as mentioned earlier and its been commented several times amounts the pane. This is truly an economic development issue, our three years old again at home is outraged, when we pull out of the driveway and he is not able to access the Wireless Fidelity system.

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