How To Pay OLA Using Google Pay?

What Is Ola Money?

How To Pay OLA Using Google Pay?: Buying online is all very convenient, all you have to do is pick what you like and it gets delivered to you. It’s only when you make payments, you find not much has changed. Filling in your credit or debit card details while shopping online is not exactly a fun thing to do. Card Numbers, Passwords, Date of Birth, Names, CVV etc. But not any more, you can now make payments on your purchases with Ola Money. The Money you have on your Ola Cabs app can now be used to make your payments at your favourite online store. One-click and done, that easy, just recharge once and you’re done.How To Pay OLA Using Google Pay?

In taxi service chain, specifically in India, what Ola has done is revolutionary. Competing with international Taxi service like Uber was not easy at all. And, at the same time, by using OLAMoney, it is providing direct competition to PayTM, Google Pay, PhonePay, FreeCharge etc. The App is directly available on Get it on Google Play, Download on the App Store, Get it from Microsoft.

According to the details available on the official website Olamoney app is Easy (Ola Money is a seamless experience, making payments easier and simpler), Fast (Say goodbye to cash – Ola Money one-click checkout is the fastest way to pay!) and Safe (Your personal and financial data is stored in a secure and encrypted environment).

How To Pay OLA Using Google Pay?

Like all other payment platforms, the listed options available are – Book My Ride, My Rides, Rate Card, Ola Money, Ola Credits, Emergency Contact, Report Issue, Call Support and About. In the Q-Shope section of the app, Debit Cards, Credit Cards and Net Banking options are available. You can also pay by Ola Money, Credit Voucher and Cash Card. Once, you open the Q-Shope app, Wallet Balance, Amount Payable, Payment Done etc. Once you have clicked on “Hit Pay,” Your payment for listed amount has processed successfully. Once all this process is completed, And your payment is done.

Ola Money revolutionised the way payment is done. Now, all the payments partner of Ola Money include – Search, SastaSundar, HealthKart, Doormint, Purplle, Voonik, AskMeBazaar, Box8, OYO Rooms, MumbaiMetro, eBay, Cleartrip, TicketNew, Book myShow, CafeCoffeeDay, PizzaHut, Dominos. Thus, all the listed above services payments can be done easily.

Is Google Pay Best Way To Pay For OLA Cabs?

Mobile Payment Systems wants to free us from cash and cards. But, are they ready to replace your wallet and which one is best? This is Apple Pay versus Samsung Pay versus Google Pay. Apple and Google use NFC or Near Field Communication to make a payment where you tap your phone on a terminal newer terminals come equipped with NFC. But, not all Samsung pay uses NFC and a technology called magnetic secure transmission when you hold the phone to a terminal. It sends a signal that simulates the magnetic strip on a card.

This means it works with older terminals and all three let you make a limited number of payments even when there’s no signal. So, we have been taking this test very seriously and only using mobile payments for about a month now. But, why is that because we lost our credit card? Physical Credit Card is nowhere to be found, we already memorized the numbers and we just have not replaced it. So, we actually appreciated having the option to do either Google Pay or Apple Pay but even in San Francisco, a city that you would expect to be ahead of the game in terms of NFC terminals.

There is still a lot of merchants that don’t take either form of payment and that’s the clear advantage of Samsung Pays because of that MST, you are going to be able to use this pretty much everywhere and especially for merchants has been a bit slow in updating their terminals – NFC your contact list you are going to be totally fine with Samsung Pay. Samsung pays even though it’s worked 99 times out of 100 in all of the places. We have tried it there is that one time where its a different kind of terminal. Maybe it is like an iPad based system, something that’s a little bit different.

It won’t work and it’s really embarrassing because the shopkeepers like – it’s not going to work. Many a time, the shopkeeper may se – we don’t do mobile payments and we give them a big spiel about Samsung Pay and how it’s definitely going to work. This technology will work and then it doesn’t work in them. We’re and they are not just on your phones, Apple Pay works on other Apple products like the iPad and Watch. Google Pay will work with newer Android Phones and watches and Samsung pay is also on some gear watches. They also work online.

Apple pay has browser payments in Safari and in several apps. Just confirm with your fingerprint or your face and you are don. Google paid just rolled out browser payments as well in Chrome, Safari and Firefox. But, not many online stores use it. Yet, Google and Samsung may also work on sites that use Visa Checkout. If you are shopping on your phone, so do we, a lot of shopping online and as a result, we really love it when a website accepts a mobile payment system. So, we don’t have to into my details again, when they do take Apple pay or Google Pay.

It’s pretty seamless you don’t have to put any cream. All you have to do to do at least for Apple Pay is authenticate the downside and Apple Pay is that it only works in Safari. We will pay you can do in any browser right and the one thing we did find with Google Pay, which was really interesting when we did find an app that supported it. There are quite a few, it actually tells you when they do they pay up like exactly which one it will take through the checkout process.

But, because when you use Google Pay your phone is already unlocked and you go and actually start to process the payment through the Google Play interface. There is no second layer of authentication like you don’t need to use your fingerprint or the pin again to verify that you want to make that purchase. We accidentally bought stuff on Google Pay, check out in an app because we didn’t real syndicate it like any other application. It was a bit of the pain point at all.

There was just an extra layer in checkout for people like us, who are not extremely tech-savvy or for those who don’t know very much about the Payment Gateways. Apple pays cash lets you send money to friends through iMessage and split the bill – Google’s version is called Google pay cent as you might expect only Apple users can send money to each other. But, Google lets you send money to Android or iOS users or through your computer. So, sending money to friends, we have the option of Apple Pay cash or Google Pay send at the time we were writing this article. Samsung Pay does not have a peer to peer payment option.

Out of those two which one do you use. So, if we have to be completely honest, we don’t need this either very much. Because other options perhaps are better. Or, that we had already been using. So, for personally me, Google pay. The fact that we have to download, get another app, that’s our biggest barrier of entry. We already have an MoS stalled in our phone. We already use others like social media to pay friends Apple Pay. Cash is fine for other people with iOS devices, it’s always a gamble, just they have it, do they don’t the same thing with Google Play.

And, so we don’t want to be guessing, we have to say, we agree here that we don’t use one of those as our primary source of sending money. We use Gel which is in the United States. It’s that bank-based peer to peer transfer system because it’s fast like we did five minutes of hitting chatted like send that money, it’s in my account which is kind of crazy. Google Pay same is probably the second fastest for us.

It’s usually within like one business day, it’s in the account and then Apple Pay cashes, unfortunately, slowest it’s one-two-three business days. But again all of this depends on the bank that you are with and compatibility, mobile payment systems. Use a method called tokenization to keep card details secure. Once you add your cards to the app, it generates a virtual account number and your real card number is never given to the merchant if your phone is stolen all three let you wipe your device remotely which will remove your virtual wallet right along with it.

But, is your phone really ready to replace your wallet? Which one could buy us more stuff in Big Bazaar, we took Google Pay and Apple Pay and we took Samsung to pay to check. It would have been a different story online also in other countries around the world like Australia, India etc. Apple Pay vs Samsung Pay vs Google Pay etc. Tap to make payment system is extremely huge, you can get away with never having your wallet and only ever using your phone if you want to on the other side of the coin, there are also disadvantages of the online payment system.

Does Google Pay API Supports OLA Payments?

E-Commerce is growing at a tremendous rate. However, online conversion is still a big problem. Long checkout forms often lead to frustrations especially as customers increasingly turn to their mobile devices for various e-commerce activities. It’s no surprise that 69% of users today drop out of the checkout process before the purchase has been completed. With Google Pay API, we want to help you make your checkout experience easier, allowing users to pay with many forms of payments stored in their Google Account, including credit and debit cards – whether your customers are shopping at a physical store, or online in your apps or websites.

Today, there are hundreds of millions of payment methods, billing and shipping addresses saved to Google Accounts. Users have stored this information when making purchases on apps, like the Play Store, YouTube, or shopping the web using Chrome. We call them read-to-pay users. Google Pay API enables you to call up their information in a secure way and allow your customers to check out with the click of a button.

Having customers who are just a tap away from performing a financial transaction is not only convenient but also sets the merchant up to take on smart technologies, such as Google Home or other connected devices, preparing your app for voice-powered transactions. The Google Pay API can be implemented in just under a week, and it works with your existing payments processing stack, making this integration really simple. There are also no additional charges added to your standard processor fees. Google Pay has partnered with many leading gateways and processors around the world, with more coming soon.

The updated list of the same can be checked out on for the updated list. Now, let’s have a quick look at how the Google Pay API works. Once a user clicks on the Google Play Button. The Google Pay API initiates a request to Google Servers. With this request, your app passes the name of your processor among other parameters. Google uses the processor’s public key to encrypt the response and sends a chargeable payment token back to you for use with your processor.

Now that the processor has the payment information, it can use it the same way as if it came from the user’s input directly. So, to summarize, with Google Pay API, hundreds of millions of customers around the world who have their payment information with Google, can now pay on your apps or websites with the click of a button. Your customers’ payment data is end to end encrypted from Google servers to your payment processor. This means Google Pay simplifies how you handle this, otherwise sensitive data.

Customers can check out using any device or platform. The integration of the API is simple and can be completed in just a few days. On Google’s official API website, you can find additional useful resources which can help you further optimise your e-commerce experience and find more information on how we are continously committed to adding new payment credentials, loyalty programs, and more for the convenience of your users. Google Pay – a better way to pay by Google!

List of Limited Outstation Routes Where Google Pay Payment is eligible

  • Mumbai to Pune Outstation Cabs
  • Mumbai to Mahabaleshwar Outstation Cabs
  • Mumbai to Lonavala Outstation Cabs
  • Mumbai to Nashik Outstation Cabs
  • Mumbai to Matheran Outstation Cabs
  • Mumbai to Shirdi Outstation Cabs

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