How To Promote Instagram Page Without Paying (For Free) & Paid

How To Promote Instagram Page Without Paying (For Free) & Paid

Why Instagram Promotions Are Worthless?

Whether you use it or not. You’ll have to admit that Instagram is huge (right now). And, it will only grow (beyond 2019). This is a step by step guide on How to exactly promote your page to get outstanding outcomes. In the end, we will show you the result from our own campaign or promoting Instagram pages and profiles as well. We will also tell you if Instagram promotions are worth it. Before we show you these results, let’s learn what is an Instagram promotion.How To Promote Instagram Page Without Paying (For Free) & Paid

So, Instagram often asks people if they want to turn their high performing posts into promotions and by the way, to run promotions, you have to be a business profile. What promotion does is basically it creates an ad straight from within the Instagram app based off your post when creating the ad. Instagram gives you a few tools to help you tailor the promotion to what you are looking for. So, we decided to run a promotion on one of our posts. You can also choose your best posts.

It could be a kind of picture in which only you’re there. Although, it may not be the strongest stuff on your Instagram page to promote. But, still, to test the worst and best of the Instagram Promotion Outcomes, you may test it out. This way, also you can check the results because so many other people running promotions on normal pictures from their feed. So, when you click on the promote button below, one of your posts, Instagram will ask what your motivation is to run the promotion and they will give you three options. These three options are the following –

So, the first one is more profile visits. It’s pretty straightforward that it is for the people who want to increase their presence on Instagram. The second one is website traffic, it will show your post to a small group of people that are more likely to interact with your promotion and you may be asking how does Instagram know if someone is going to click on the ad or not. It’s because Instagram records everything the user does on their platform.

So, they know which kind of ad you click on and they will be able to show your ads with people who are more likely to click on specific ads than other users and then the third option is promotion views. This will show your post to as many people as possible. But, you won’t necessarily get any engagement on the ad. It’s more for brand awareness. So, for us, we want to get more people to visit our profile. So, obviously, we choose more profile visits so once you have chosen your motivation. Up next for you is to choose your audience based on their demographics. Again, It’s going to give you three options –

So, the first option is automatic. What this one does is Instagram shows your promotion to people who have similar demographics to your current followers. So, for example, if we had a lot of followers from Spain or who speak Spanish. It would be very likely that my ad was shown in Spain. Now the second option is local. This one, let’s target people within a certain radius of a specific location. You also have options such as their range and gender and then finally we have a manual. here you can create your own specific audience and give it a name. You can target people by location.

What they are interested in – Age and Gender. So again, normally we would have done manual and tailored our promotion to specific interests. But, we have seen a couple of blog posts online and other videos where they do local. And, by the way, the quick disclaimer that actually ran a promotion on my account including the like lifestyle before. So, once we have chosen our audience, we then have to set the budget and the duration of our promotion.

So, for this one, we choose an amount of 5 euros over 24 hours. The reason why it is because we were pretty sure that we were not going to get any good results and we did not want to waste our money. So, once again we would go through it and completed everything we needed to fill out for the promotion. Instagram told us that our estimated reach was going to be 2,800 – 7,400.

And that we would be getting between 30-81 profile visits. Then we hit create promotion and it gets sent for review. It was pending for review for about 20 minutes and then it got approved. So, 24 hours later, we get the results. We were not expecting good results and we were right though. The first thing you notice is that when we go into promotions, we can see that the promotion has ended and it says it got 22 clicks.

But, when we click on it and look at the results, it says it only got 7 profile visits. So, we are guessing 22 people clicked on our ad but only seven actually took the time to take a look at our profile. We are not sure what this means, but we don’t know if it means that 22 people clicked on it. But 15 of them were accidents.

So, they didn’t actually go to my profile, they just click straight back. We don’t know and we didn’t even hit the target that is the minimum of 30 profile visits which Instagram said we would get. So, when it comes to the number of impressions and reach, Instagram said that we were supposed to get a minimum reach of 2,800 as you can see here, we only hit 1306 impressions with a reach of 1296. That’s not even half of the estimated minimum. Which was 2800?

Also, here it says we got 29 engagements but we are not too sure that means because, over the period of 24 hours, we know what we only got 4 nights, the only way we can add up to 29 is if we do the number of clicks which was 22 plus the 7 profile visits. But then that doesn’t make much sense to us because we thought that profile visits were included in the number of clicks already. So, we are not too sure about all of this. You should be using Facebook’s ad manager if you want successful ad campaigns. Thus, the ad manager plays an incredibly important role. And, we definitely recommend doing story ads on Instagram.

Best Tips For Successful Instagram Promotion:

Tip 1: Filtered images and videos spreads like magic when it comes to promotion. The first tip may seem obvious, but we assure you it is not. Did you know that if you go and find an existing video or picture of yours, you can actually still add filters in it? Though you didn’t film it within Instagram, so here are all the different filters that we are using to add to the video. What we found outside of Instagram is a list of hundreds of other filters. The fact here – we have also got a jewellery image and we decided to add a sparkly star filter and it will also pick up your face. So, you can still use face filters which is really cool.

Tip 2: Now this one is awesome if you want to create a quick collage on Instagram stories. For example, we got this image and screenshot at it from there. We just crafted the edges as you see us doing here. And, then whatever other pictures you would like to add to your Instagram Story, just do the exact same thing. So you may select another picture of nature i.e. tree and then also you can select the image of some food items. When all three images of your are cropped, next thing you need to do is to head over to the Instagram stories, just take a picture and create a solid background once again.

As you see us doing here and then what you are going to do is select the text icon in the top right-hand corner and then hold down or press down on the screen. And, you will see the paste button. Select paste and it will actually paste the screenshot of the image that you took and you can basically place it anyway. Now check this out if you hit the text button again, press down and click Clipboard. You can actually choose those other images that you screenshotted and create this epic collage. If you are an iPhone user, there’s actually a copy button in the gallery. But this is a hack for our Android Users.

Tip 3: Now this is an awesome new feature that Instagram has just rolled out. And, it’s a creators profile. If you click on the icon or top right-hand side and select settings, then go to account, under account you will actually see switch to creator account, then here is actually lists the variations in a creators account and what you get to simply select it next and then what you need to do is select which category you fall under. So, we selected the website/ blog because we are a blogger. Then select next and your account has officially been switched to a creators account.

If you toggle this button, it will take away some information on your profile but once you are done you can now access the new creator settings. So, the first difference is that your inbox is different. You get timely and general in the inbox which is quite interesting because you can organize things a bit better. And, then secondly you will also get more audiences inside. So, if you go into the audience, you can see a bit more detailed information about your audience which is really awesome and Misty.

Tip 4: Did you know there is actually an Instagram online creative studio. All you do is type in Facebook Creative Studio because Facebook owns Instagram and then right over there, click on the Instagram icon and here you will be able to see all your stats on your really awesome desktop. So, if you need to compile reports or anything like that, this makes it super easy and not only can you see your insights of posts, but you can also see extra analytics and information from your Instagram Stories. Which is really helpful and we just love that there’s a desktop option now.

Tip 5: Now check this out, you can actually make Emojis glow. So, all you do is select the Emoji that you want, then choose the colour and from there, change the font to neon. Then, just click done and you will see that glow around the Emoji. Just, so you guys can see here’s what it looks like. When there is no neon glow on the Emoji, the fan, so have some fun with and change things up. There are so many colours to choose from and you can also do this on all the Emojis. Here is an example where we had a bit of fun and just put a whole bunch of different neon glows on different emojis and like we said, you can really have a lot of fun with this. And, make it your own.

Tip 6: Choose what to tag in. So, first of all, you will have to click on the third icon. Here are our profile and the images that we have been tagged in. But you can actually decide whether you want those pictures shown on your profile or not. So, if you head on over to settings and then click on privacy and security. Under there, you will see the option photos and videos of you.

If you click on that, you can toggle this on and off. So, we have got it off. Which means, the photos will not be added automatically and if we click here, we can actually choose to remove the images that have been added of ours. Just by clicking that icon in the top right-hand corner and now if we go there, those images have been removed.

Tip 7: Now, we are sure many of you are aware of the question sticker. But, did you know there is a pretty cool way to respond to a couple of them at one time, for example, you can see us creating the sticker tag on this image. And, then when people respond, we can just go into the backend, check out their responses, but now it’s a pretty cool way to respond to a couple of them. So, select the one you would like to respond to by clicking reply and share response. Then choose whatever background you would like.

So, we just made ours a solid background, now you are going to screenshot this image, once done, you have done that what you are going to do is go back up to the other response click – reply, share responsibilities and then go and use that screenshot as your new background. So, as you can see now, we have got two of the responses. We do another screenshot and we repeat these steps until we have as many of the questions on one page as we want. And, then we can answer all of these in one go. We hope that makes sense. But you can pretty much see what we are going to do here. And, it’s really nice because then your audience doesn’t have to click through a ton of posts.

Tip 8: There is a new sticker on Instagram and it’s called the quiz sticker. So, if you click on this third icon here, you will see towards the bottom of the page – the quiz sticker. If you select this, you can now actually do a little quiz with your audience. So as we said, which phone we are currently using – we type Blognxt 9, and iPhone XR etc. So you would, of course, put your own options in there, but then actually select the one which is the right answer.

So, our one was Galaxy s10 Plus. You can change the colours, customize it a bit as you see us doing here. Then, once you click done, the correct colour will fade away. You can place this quiz ticket anywhere on your image and now your peeps can try and answer the quiz. But, what’s really cool is when to try and answer, it will shake if it’s the wrong answer. And, then reveal the right answer number.

Tip 9: Insta Voice Messages – Did you know you can send voice messages within Instagrams direct messages. If you click on that mic icon, you can literally record a voice message. But, only upto for one minute. It also works much the same as whatsapp. If you click and swipe towards the left, it will actually delete the voice message and won’t send or you can click and hold down on the voice message and click understand. Another thing you can finally do is if you click on the mic icon and swipe up, it will lock and then you can continue your voice recording without holding any buttons and send when ready.

Tip 10: Before promoting your image on Instagram, tens of edit options are available. Edited pictures always capture viewers attention. Making a circle around your profile pic or the pic you want to promote is one of them. This is how you do it. Download the app Canva and then simply select that plus icon.

Choose Instagram post which is basically a square canvas, then click on the plus icon again, choose your profile image as you see us doing here. You can obviously choose anyone who is best. After getting it done, you care to go to click on illustrations and select shape. Once you are in the shape section, select the circle frame and then you can actually choose to change the colour.

If you want to position it to whatever, your heart desires and then you are going to deselect this icon and save your image. Your image will then save into your gallery and then head on over to Instagram and click on edit profile from there. You will be able to change your profile picture and obviously just upload the new one that you just made in canvas and size it up until the frame meets the frame on Instagram. You guys can see what were are doing here is click next and you have got a beautiful profile picture and that is for this article.

Instagram promotions will not always work as per expectation. But the bitter truth is that most of the time in that case promoter is responsible. If the person who is promoting your post really knows how to choose the audience, then within the same budget, you can easily maximise your reach. But, if you really are not aware of it, you may lose the race. It doesn’t matter whether its Instagram, Facebook or Whatsapp. What matters the most is – one should know it well how to choose the audience in the right manner.

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