How To Create A Website For Free Of Cost (In 10 Minutes)?

How To Create A Website For Free Of Cost (In 10 Minutes)?

Although, there are numerous ways to create a website. Yet, in a major though, there are two ways to create a website – 1) using CMS (Content Management System) and 2) using HTML & CSS. With HTML and CSS, it’s almost impossible to create a professional-looking website with all necessary menu and navigation buttons in under 10 minutes. But, with the CMS like WordPress, Wix, Blogger etc., you can easily create a website in under 10 minutes by just installing a theme and you’re done.How To Create A Website For Free Of Cost (In 10 Minutes)?

You can create this website using HTML and CSS. As you can see, this is a very beautiful website with a banner image, heed of message text and buttons and navigation menu. So, first, have an overview of how much time it takes to create a CSS and Java Website. First of all, create a folder on your desktop as we have here folder called website. And, here in this folder, make sure you have two images – one is Logo and another one is for the background image.

Now create a file here in your text editor. This is for HTML. And, save this file as index.html in the same folder that you have. And, now create a new file here – this is for CSS. Right-click as style.css in the same folder. We have profiles HTML and CSS. Now, write these quotes in your HTML file. We will write the title of this website in the head. This is just a mere beginning. Like this, you will have to follow the hundreds of steps.

First of all, you will have to go to the domain name. Once, you have selected the domain, go to any domain name purchase website and buy your domain name. Including the TLDs, the domain is like a DNA. Like DNA cannot be the same, in the same way, the domain cannot be the same for the two websites. Then, all you need to do is to get the hosting. Now, Godaddy.come is the place, where, initially we are going to buy the hosting. Now, enter the same name which you choose earlier. So, we are going to enter and you enter the name you have chosen.

Now click on select and continue. Now you will be redirected to the cart. Now you can see here that we are getting the domain for 959 rupees. Now, if we change the duration from 2 years to 1 year, the rate will almost be halved. Or, if applicable, you will be getting the domain for almost free. Now Godaddy will ask you to log in. So, let’s click create an account. Enter your email, username and password. Then enter the support pin. Support pin is any 4 digit pin which you will need to remember in case of verification of your profile and then continue filling these details.

Now, in under the billing information section, enter the first name, last name, email address, country/ region, address 1, address 2, zip/ postal code, city, state, country organisation, phone number etc. Make sure to notice that Godaddy clearly states that some payment options below may take you to a third-party website to complete your transaction. Don’t worry, all your information remains safe and secure. Then you can choose to enter your payment information i.e. Net Banking, Credit/ Prepaid Card, or Debit card or whatever fits you best.

Now choose to click continue. Next – this is going to cost you over 99 rupees and the plan will be valid for 1 year. Now, all you need to do is place the order and make the payment. So, now we are going to quickly complete the payment. So, now we have completed the payment and we have got our domain and hosting. Step 3 is let’s go to cpanel and install WordPress. Now, we are going to use WordPress because it is very easy to build a new website without knowing any programming or coding.

So, let’s install WordPress, first of all, in the payment gateway page only, click on Managed WordPress button. So, we will click on managed WordPress and then click on get started. But, to understand each and everything in a clear manner, please make sure to keep reading each and everything. So, GoDaddy first asks to Tell us what type of website to add. Starting hosting a site here – now you will have to choose any of the two options – I am building a brand new site and – I am migrating an existing site.

Now choose your domain and click next. Again, choose the server location and click next. Now you need to enter the username and password for the WordPress. This username and password will be mandatory to log in if you want to enter your website administrative panel. 

Now, in the next step, it’s all your choice whether you want to Get Started Quickly with WordPress or Not. It not, click on No Thanks, If yes, click on Start Wizard. We will proceed with the No Thanks option. But, just to gain a better understanding of this WordPress content management system, you must read the details. It mentions – Our quick start wizard is the fastest way to build your website because it – features pre-built websites for you to customize and publish. It includes a drag and drops editor to make customization easy. Has thousands of categorized, searchable images in its image library.

So, this is our WordPress dashboard. Now if you want to access the dashboard anytime again, type your website name and then enter /login. This means, your website is LIVE. So to check that let’s go to our website address. Now, as you can see, our website is LIVE. So, this is how the default website looks like. So, next to easily edit your website. So to install the themes, in the dashboard, click Themes. Now, already, there comes one theme pre-installed on your website. Now, all you can do is to delete that theme and proceded with the new theme again.

If you’re creating a website for SEO i.e. Search Engine Optimisation, then you need to focus clearly the plugin you are going to use. For successful SEO optimisation of your website, a plugin is mandatory. Right now, on top are three main plugins – Rankmath, All In One SEO and Yoast SEO. Any one of these three plugins is mandatory to be accessed. Similarly, for other CMS like Wix, there are other various plugins.

SEO affects your website’s ranking in search engines. Managing your site’s SEO is the most important thing you can to rank, mainly I Google. SEO is indirectly to promote your website and that’s why when it comes to SEO, plugins have got you covered. With industry-leading features and capabilities that have helped countless, WordPress websites appear in the top results. To understand the SEO, let’s first take a look at how search engines work. There are over 130 trillion individual pages online today, and that number keeps growing. Search engines like Google crawl and organise or index these trillions of pages.

So, when you type in a search engine knows which websites are the most relevant for you. In this, we are going to share a with you a few tips to give your WordPress website the best possible SEO results. Search engines scan the content of the websites to determine what the website is all about. The same way that you might scan the pages of the newspaper. Looking at the newspaper, your eyes can immediately locate the title of the articles, headings, the main idea of the articles or any images on the page and so on. And the description below the images.

Just like certain keywords in a newspaper article will tell you what the story is all about. It is about the grand opening or the upcoming election, for example, you should know it very well how to use keywords in your website very well. That will tell search engines all about your websites. You can determine these keywords by thinking what terms people would use to search for your website. And, just as you will not find the same article twice in a single newspaper, you must regularly create new unique content on each of your website’s pages.

So, if your services include video editing, and you are based out of Seattle, then make sure to include those specific keywords in your website’s content. We all want to rank high in the search results, but always keep in mind that you are writing for humans. So, be sure you are writing high quality, interesting and original content that your readers will want to read. Original content is mandatory to be written on your website from the time to time. Each page on your website must have its unique set of heading tags or h Tags. Like it is there in the newspaper.

And, H1 tags act as the page headline. And, search engines will scan it to see what each page is about. Inside the Wix editor, click add from the left menu followed by Text to see the different H tag options. You can drag and drop the relevant tag right on your page. You can also easily click on an existing text element. Such as title, make sure to select it all and click Edit Text. Click the themes drop-down menu, to see the available options. Notice that the H1 through H6 are indicated here and select the relevant heading tag then for each heading on your page.

Now, let’s talk about the meta tags, Your site’s page title and description as they appear in search engine results. Thus, meta tags refer to your sites title and description. They are the content that people see when your website appears in the search engine results. And, you can give each page on your website a title and description. For many visitors, these meta tags will be the first thing they read about your website. So, fill them with relevant keywords.

To add meta tags, click the pages menu from the top bar of the editor and select the page. Click the show more icon followed by page SEO. First, go ahead and enter a title for your page include keywords like your business name and location. Now, you will write a description for each page of your website. Here you can describe what visitors will see and read on your website. Use relevant keyword phrases so search engines can index your pages correctly.

And, show it to people searching for websites like yours. Write mainly using the keywords that are as important to write as anything. But keyword stuffing is not what you need to do. Write using vivid and engaging language. When people see your description in search engine results, this description may convince them to click on your website. You can also click preview on Google to see how it look in search results. Keep in mind that it may take some time before your new page title and description appear in the search results. Search engines have countless pages to scan and index.

So, be patient. When Google scans your website and encounters images, it’s not able to see them the way that we do. Alt Text is content that lets search engines understand what your images are showing. It’s a great way for your images to help your website rank on search engines and it’s easy to add just like with meta tags. Alt Text doesn’t appear on your website. But it helps improve your websites SEO. To add alt text, click on Image, then click the settings icon and briefly descript your image here.

Add Alt Text to any important images on your website including gallery images. There are also a few quick additions that can help improve your website’s ranking in the search results. The SEO is a lifetime process, it’s a goal that has to be achieved. For that add a contact form to your website, it plays an important role. Add your business contact information, your site’s footer.

This can include your email, phone number, and address. Add social links to connect your site all your social network accounts. Check out our social bar feature in the editor to add these links in no time. And lastly, we suggest adding a blog to your website, it’s a great way to generate fresh high-quality content regularly. Keep in mind that it make take some time for your site to appear in search results, so you need not worry about it. Are you looking for an easy way to keep your website up to date?

Want to let your clients know about an upcoming sale or event? The holiday badge app makes it easy to do both. You can add a WordPress Holiday Badge to your website in a matter of minutes, making it an easy and effective way to promote seasonal items and let your customers know about holiday sales. The badges are customisation, so you can change colours, fonts and text to match your website and appear to your target market. But the blades can be used for more than just announcing a Father’s day sale.

You can customise a badge to show your customers that you support a certain cause or to highlight the best selling products. Best of all, you can make the badges clickable as well. So consider including a call to action such as Buy Now or Donate. That way, in addition to keeping your client’s in the loop, badges can help you increase your sales. Finally, don’t forget to remove a badge when the sale is over. You don’t want to be that website that still says – Merry Xmas in July.

Check your calendar to see what holiday coming up and start thinking of ways to promote sales for the occasion. So don’t forget: put a badge on it. Actually, you need not be a super tech-savvy to create a video landing page on your websites home page that is awesome. Think again, we are going to show you how easy it is to make a cool landing page like the one you see here. Sometimes, you want to direct visitors to your website via a landing page. For a specific campaign, sale or event. You want this landing page to use your site address but not necessarily have the same design as the rest of your website.

To create a landing page, start by adding a blank page to your website. Make sure that you give the page a name that makes sense. Since it will show up in the URL for the landing page, We will call it summer party. Please be sure to hide the page from the menu and clear out the site’s header and footer. Now you will have to add a video to the page, you can use any video from YouTube or Vimeo. Make sure it’s in high-definition. Place the link here, set the video to autoplay and hide the control bar. Then set the size of your video player. We want our video to fill up the whole screen, so we will set it to be 2000 pixels wide and 1100 pixels high.

Then, we will drag the video to the upper left corner of the screen. Also, you can add a box and text a button, a forum or anything else you want t place on the landing page. The design options are limitless. Let’s preview the page. We made looking good, once you have built your new page. It’s time to spread the word, share the link to your new landing page through social media, email, newsletters like Wixoss Shootout or through the Google Ad Campaign. Go ahead and get creative.

If you want your website to look like you paid big bucks for a professional designer to build your website image buttons are a fun way to take your website to the next level. Once you know how they work, you can come up with countless creative ways to use them on your website. Here, are three of our favourites – Spice up for your staff page with image buttons. You can show two pictures of each staff member.

A serious one and a fun one. You can also use image buttons to showcase a product you sell from more than one angle when customers mouse over the image of an item. They will see it from another view or understand how to use it. Finally, it can be fun to have a picture change from black and white to colour. When a mouse hovers over it, this adds a neat dynamic effect.

You can use the image editor to create a black and white filter for your image or for an image from the free Wix Image Library. Creating the filter will save a copy of the new image in addition to the original. Then, you can use either version anywhere on your website. There are dozens of more ways to use image buttons. But, it will let you play around and figure them out.

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