How To Use Multiple Email Accounts With One Gmail Account Only

How To Use Multiple Email Accounts With One Gmail Account Only: In previous days, we have found that, many of you would like to know, how to set up Gmail to send and receive from multiple email accounts. Because, we have all got many email addresses, and having the convenience of being able to send and receive from a single account is beneficial. Today, so we are going to walk you through this guide on the topic. The one email account you go to, to send and receive from all your accounts.

How To Use Multiple Email Accounts With One Gmail Account Only

Gmail has dramatically improved the integration between Gmail and other Systems, Since we did it for ourselves, so this guide is going to be excited. To set up our Gmail to read and send our other accounts, we start here. We go under the geat settings in Gmail, in the browser, and you go into the settings menu. In the settings menu, we go to Accounts and Import. This is where we manage all things related to our accounts. Now, in the past, what you had to go, is you had to configure right here, under the “Send mail as”, you had to go through and you had to configure all of the different settings for whatever email service you have.

There are two basic types of services. There’s for lack of a better term, a webmail service, things like Yahoo Mail, Outlook, Hotmail. Services that are accounts that you sign up for, and send and receive your email through a browser. Then, there are the older email systems that a lot of us have, that are split between our ISP (Internet Service Providers), where we have to configure an email client, to send and receive our email. That typically, as we said, that’s an older account that we have got that is attached to our internet service provider, or often attached to our place of business, our work, where we are going through our servers.

So, those are two different types of Email Systems that we had to set up. We would do that through setting and putting in all of the different configurations as we set it up. But, it is so much easier. In 2019, Google added something called Gmailify, which allowed you to take your existing accounts like Yahoo Mail, Outlook Mail, Hotmail and incorporate them, and sync them with your Gmail Account. Let us take you through that process. We have already done it here, but we just did it a few moments ago with an account. It’s the first time, we have had to go it ourselves. Look, how easy it is to do. All of us to show you. So, you set up a new Mail Account.How To Use Multiple Email Accounts With One Gmail Account Only

You enter the email address of the account, you are setting up, and the Gmail System is sophisticated enough to recognize the domains of the services that it can properly configure using this service. So, it asks us here – because we put in a Yahoo Account – If we want to link it to Gmailify. We hope, we are pronouncing that right, or if we want to import email from another account, an old school POP Account. But, we are going to set it up with Gmailify.

Then, what happens, it launches our Yahoo Account. It opens that account, asks us to sign in with our Password, and then it goes through and asks for permission to allow Gmail to access our profiles, our mail, both as reading and writing, and the full access, the email account. When we agree, information that we have not managed our account from it, we confirm it and allow it to sync. It won’t be synchronized right at the beginning, so you have to click “check mail now” and it will automatically start to sync right away. But, once it is synced, let’s go back into our account. Here, are all of the little test emails that we were putting in.

So, these emails right here, are coming through our Yahoo Account. The other ones are coming from our Google Account. So, it’s that easy to set up and configure a lot of the services, Outlook, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, which many of you have. If you have to go through the process of actually configuring your mail Email Account, you go through the same process, but you are going to have to put in your password, you are going to have to put in the mail server name, that sort of stuff.

Which, we have always had to go. So, it’s not that difficult to do, but, it’s sure a lot easier now with this. But, now we have got two accounts that we see right here in the Window. We believe at this point here, we have to start thinking about how we are going to manage things, accounts, because they all look the same as the email comes in. So, we like to colour-code our email coming from different accounts in our Inbox.

We can set up a really simple process to do that. Let us show you how we – at least the way that we – do this is we chose one of the emails that have come from the new account that we want to demark as the account. So, there it is – What we will do now is, we will create a filter for messages like these. When we create the filter for messages like this, it’s first of all, asking if the email address that it’s being from.

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