How To Select The Best Affiliate Product For Your Blog

How To Select The Best Affiliate Product For Your Blog: So, directly or indirectly, in this article, we are going to learn about Amazon Affiliate Tip For Finding High Rated Products. And, that too in a step by step process. Here’s a trick to finding higher selling Amazon Products that you can promote as an Affiliate. Now, this is a Chrome extension that you can get for free. How To Select The Best Affiliate Product For Your BlogIt’s called Amazon sort – Number of reviews. It’s really handy, just add a drop-down to your already existing drop-down menu and you can select it and we display the number of reviews.

How To Select The Best Affiliate Product For Your Blog

It’s very handy because all the time you are trying to shift through all the products that have high reviews and things like that. Because, they are the products you want to promote because you can also use that as a selling point and say – this product has X amount of reviews on Amazon, highly recommend that you read those reviews. Just read the reviews and if someone buys after clicking through your link, you then get a commission and that’s pretty basic really. But because Amazon’s a trusted brand, it’s easy to get conversions doing so.

You can just go to Chrome Extension store and find out the number of reviews from Amazon. So, we will show you in action. Normally, So say we are looking for some products you know – niche is parenting or let’s just hover for say baby seats. You have this drop-down where you can sort by different filters. Now, this one here never used to be there because we have already got the extension installed. That we can now sort by the number of reviews and it’s just going to make things so much easier. Because we can have a look at what’s the best-rated products via Amazon.

So, it’s probably a bad example because we are not in an actual category. So, we go well. Then start seeing all these products. Sorted by the number of reviews. So, we have got all these from the highest to lowest and we can go through all these products and because they have already got a large number of reviews, we can then write a review about the product. So, what we would do is write a review of this product here. And, say it’s the number one recommended baby seat under $200.

Because, it’s one to two hundred dollars here and then in your review or how you write your content, you can include something like this. Grey Code, Metallus 3-1 Car seat has over 3000 and others have near around 8000 reviews. If you want to read other people’s reviews, click on this link here and read through what other people think. And, the reason why they have given at such a high rating and then have that link as your affiliate link. People are going to click on that because they are going on other people’s reviews as well.

So, you can – that’s one way of selling it in your presale or your review. But, this little extension adding it to that drop-down filter, just makes life so much easier. Not going through trying to work out, which one’s are the best or sorting it through how many reviews. It’s got another little tip – that we like to use. It’s got nothing do with that. But, if you search for – So there we go to save you. Choose one of the subcategories and click bestsellers. You can then take a look at what the bestsellers are in there and each.

So, all these bestsellers here are going to be easy to convert. Because you already know there’s proof of sales. So, you got either thousand, one hundred, ninety-nine reviews. If you are in this niche, you must be promoting this product. There is another point as well. And, plus you already know that there’s proof of sales there. So, it’s going to be easy to convert, because you know it converts something else. We would like to do with Amazon, we like to so if we go back to – drop-down menu and we go to do a much higher end. Maybe furniture.

Say living room furniture, we like to do is to promote products that are over two hundred dollars. So, now these are all most of these are going to be over two hundred dollars. But, the best thing to do to sort through these is – to add a price range in your filters. So, you might want to only sell products that are – over five hundred dollars with no maximum limit. And then, sort through the number of reviews and you will see all these products that are over 500 united states dollars sorted by the number of people who use.

So, it’s just the reason why we like to do that is because of higher commissions and depending on the nice especially. To type products and stuff like that, some are easier to sell than others. Even after reading this in-depth guide related to How To Select The Best Affiliate Product For Your Blog, still, if you are facing any questions or having any issues related to How To Select The Best Affiliate Product For Your Blog, just make sure to let us know in the comment box below.

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