How To Create Subdomains For Your WordPress Website?

How To Create Subdomains For Your WordPress Website: In this article, we are going to teach you how to install the WordPress website in a sub-domain of your current WordPress website. What we mean by this is at the front of your domain we usually have the It’s another completely different website that has a completely different dashboard, completely different technology that’s happy. A WordPress website, it could be whatever technology is required and you can install it.

How To Create Subdomains For Your WordPress Website

As the subdomain, we are going to show you how right now, so the way you do this is we go into the cPanel for the website. In this case, we are in motion with cPanel and we find the subdomains icon or link. We click on it and then we type in the subdomain that we want. In our case, we want to support this is what’s going to come before the domain name and then you choose which domain to sign it too.

If there’s multiple make sure you choose the right one and then when you tab out of that first box. It will autofill the folder where the contents of the website will go in this case. It will go in support now. If we will go in this case, it will go in support now. If we quickly check what that will look like if we go to our cPanel and then the file manager. We see that these are the contents of our WP Dash PHP website. Right here, and what it will do is – if it adds a folder right here, at support, it’s just going to add a new folder that is just in line with these. And, we think that’s fine.

That’s fine by us, but you can add this folder wherever you want to go. We just leave it there, but then we click on create. To create that subdomain. Then we get a message success, message and we have our new subdomain right here. Now, if we go to our Subdomain again, refresh the page, it is still not going to be a whole lot. We have not installed anything, but we do see it works because it says index of nothing. So, that’s it – this is implying there is something here. But there is not yet so what you can do si you can redirect this subdomain.

If you want to – if you don’t want to build a site right here. But you want to redirect this URL to somewhere else, you can do that by managing the redirection you have similar options. Your hosting account might not be called exactly that but we are going to build an actual website here and the way we do that is we into our cPanel account. Click on reload and we have our new support folder here. We are just gonged to open it, there’s nothing here right now, we are going to head over to WordPress and get a new copy of the file.

We are going to download those and we have not downloaded, we are going to go back here. Click on the upload link and we are just going to find this file on our hard drive. We are going to drag and drop it on the dotted box. It uploads once, it’s 100%. We can just close this tab and then we reload this section again. We have those Zip files right here, if we click on it and then click on extract, it will extract the zip file to this folder. The folder’s currently in which is what we want to click on. Extract files give us a list you can read through it.

If you want, we don’t recommend it then we click on reload to see those changes. And, it adds our WordPress folder now. What we don’t want is to keep those files there. What we want to do is make sure we go this WordPress folder and we select all these files and we move them out by clicking the move button. Move them up one folder, so it’s in the support folder, click on move files and now we have them all out there. We are going to delete that WordPress folder, delete the Zip file, we just help CTRL Down and click them both to select them both.

And, now we have our WordPress files here, we have to create a database and add the credentials to the configuration file. Let’s do that quick, go back to our cPanel, click on our sequel databases, we are just going to call the new database support and a bunch of random characters. The only reason we do that is so that if we are looking at a big list of databases, we know what they are – that’s the only reason to add in Word Support. So, we are just going to make note of that over here.How To Create Subdomains For Your WordPress Website?

Name is that and we are going to get a DB username and a DB password. Even after reading this in-depth guide related to How To Create Subdomains For Your WordPress Website, still, if you have any questions or problems related to How To Create Subdomains For Your WordPress Website, then please make sure to let us know your query below.

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