Should You Do A Free Review or A Paid Review?

Should You Do A Free Review or A Paid Review?: How to get paid to do product reviews, exact step by step we will find out in this guide. And doing product reviews on your blog or YouTube is one of the best ways. You may have seen that a lot of people build their income this way in all types od different niches. Right? Whether you do Beauty videos, there are all kinds of products, there the tech space. But even people that are doing home decor fitness literally, product reviews are relevant for every niche, because every niche has products.

Should You Do A Free Review or A Paid Review?

So, we are going to tell you three ways to start to get paid specifically On YouTube by making simple product reviews. 1) is a YouTube ad. So, in this case, you are not getting paid to review the product, you are getting paid because the video is getting views, but make no mistake if you pick the right product and it starts to get a lot of views. You can make a lot of money from that for example, we do through our articles. But, it reviewed a Bluetooth remote in the video, it got a lot of views so far, that video has earned about $100 here in the US.

And, so that’s real money and its a product review/ tutorial, but it is earning income. Thus, you are getting paid. The second way to get paid with product reviews is actually with affiliate marketing. And, so you can review anything that you own already and one of our favourite websites for this is So, if you sign up there for the Amazon Associates Programs and we will link up everything, we are talking about later in this article. You can get your account approved and then you get your custom links. So, using that Snapchat example article, how to Snapchat with no hands, the remote you can mention in the article.

And, if anybody clicks on the affiliate link of that remote and make a purchase, you will get a percentage of that sale. So, now when you are reviewing product reviews through affiliate marketing, you could build your income even more and actually what’s cool on websites like Amazon is that when someone clicks on that link, you get credit for 24 hours on anything they purchase.

So, for instance, if they were to get that Bluetooth remote, which is only like six bucks, well you get a little bit of commission, but then if they were to be doing the shopping for a family member or something and bought them an Xbox, you would get credit for that too. So, this begins to stack and build momentum over time as you post more and more articles on your website or videos on your YouTube channel. This is maybe why you even search for this article, you are getting paid to do a product review. By the brand, and so this could work a couple of different ways, there are websites like Famebit which is one of our favourites and here is its link.

As the website, we use and what you do is you go their marketplace and there’s a whole bunch of brands in pet’s in fitness in tech, in lifestyle, in health, you know and you can categorize it down. And then, what you could do is apply to work with the brand to create a video where they pay you and a lot of times, it’s tax at this point. They are probably, going to send you the product for free, or you are going to get paid to produce the video or writing the article, and then you also can do affiliate marketing.

So, you can kind of get paid in like multiple different ways and YouTube ads. So that’s like four different ways right or sometimes you can work directly with a company now. Our advice here is that it’s so important to build your influence, first you know work on adding value work on just putting out great articles. Working on reviewing stuff, you already have or stuff that you are buying and then once you influence once you have momentum and your audience is grown then these types of deals start to come to you. And, you can even reach out to brands on Twitter, just emailing them and start to work out deals, where you get paid to review.

Cool products that add value to your audience that are in your niche, that you love yourself and so become super cool. So, those are the three tips and if you are interested in learning more about profiting from product reviews, we did free training where we break down. How we have done this actually, built a full-time income basically off of product reviews. So, it’s kind of got a case study and some of our best tips and you can watch that exclusive article, that private video at creating some awesome reviews.

If you want to check it out, the question is all about what do you think makes an awesome product. And, remember that some of the best tips and feedback come from you. Should You Do A Free Review or A Paid Review?Even after reading this in-depth guide regarding Should You Do A Free Review or A Paid Review?, still, if you have any questions or problems related to Should You Do A Free Review or A Paid Review? just make sure to let us know your problem in the comment box below.

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