Best Broken Link Checker WordPress Plugin For Better On-Page Optimisation

Best Broken Link Checker WordPress Plugin For Better On-Page Optimisation: We will show you how to find broken links on your website. Also, how you can fix them well for user experience. Finding a broken link that results in a 404 Page not found error that doesn’t load is not good. It’s not good user experience and also it’s a ranking factor in Google. So, if Google finds that, you have a lot of broken links on your website. They are not going to rank you highly, because, we know the user experience is not going to be great. So, they will rank you below a page that doesn’t have any broken links or any website issues.Best Broken Link Checker WordPress Plugin For Better On-Page Optimisation

Best Broken Link Checker WordPress Plugin For Better On-Page Optimisation

So, that’s one of the reasons we want to check for Broken links and doing it manually is nearly impossible, unless you have an on-page website links are everywhere. So, you want to make sure that you have an audit may automated way of checking them. And, what we use is a Plugin called the Broken Link checker plugin and it scans your website on a schedule that you determine and it emails you and shows them the WordPress dashboard. What broken links are and why they are so?

To find out them, first, install that plugin right now and let’s see if we can find some broken links to install that. We hover over Plugins on the left and they click on add new. We type in Broken Link Checker in the search box and click or press on entering Button in the keyword. It’s the very first one we see on the left by JANUS, we click on install now. Then, we click on activate the plugin and the plugin does two things right off the bat. Under settings, it adds an entry called link checker and in your dashboard, it also adds a little meta box where it shows broken link information.

It’s going to be added to the very bottom. So, here’s the broken link checker box. It says, right now, No broken links found. No URLs in the work queue. Searching for your blog for links. So, because we just installed this plugin, it now has to go out and scan the website for broken links. So, it’s not going to show instant results. It has to scan your website first, which takes a bit of the time. If we go over settings and then click on link checker, we can set some of the settings to configure it the way we want it in this box.

Did we say, how many hours between link checks? So, what this plugin does that it keeps on checking the same links, it checks all the links on your website because links on your website may be broken and maybe broken anytime. So, we usually know, why it’s because we make a change, but we are not on top of things, enough to know what the change effected. So, we know why the links break, well, we don’t know when or where they are broken. So, this link checker goes every 72 hours or whatever number you put in here is how often it checks all the links on your website.

But, keep in mind – the less number of hours you have in here, the more server resources are going to be used to check your links. Because it’s not an easy task that has to go through all the pages on your website every time to find a broken link. The default is 72 for most websites. 72 will do, if you have a high traffic website, there’s a lot of people.

And, having a couple of broken links will have a serious negative impact and user experience and we want to set this to a lower number of hours. Maybe every 12 hours, even but 72 hours is good enough for most websites. And, then in this section of Email Notifications, you can check to get notifications of broken links and then you can set them to individual authors if you want as well as you enter the Email here or you leave this empty and you use the admitting the website under it says here Settings and General. Which is where you specify the Admitting Tweaks Section.

You can apply custom formatting to broken links, the reason you might want to do this is so people know in advance the link is broken. SO, they don’t waste their time clicking on it. You can even remove broken links, so if the fines AB link is broken, you can edit the CSS, you can just add a display: none command, so the link disappears or even just remove the colour and underline. So, doesn’t look like a link anymore and then people will not click on it until you fix it. And, then you can stop search engines from falling broken links as well. It is good because you don’t want Google to find broken links, so we often have this option selected.

We remove the broken link as well and then for the suggestions, the plugin will suggest alternatives to the broken links. So, for example, if you have an about page and the URL was your but then for some reason, who knows why for some reason, you changed it to your So, you change that URL and if that page was linked to from somewhere else on your website, those links are not broken. And, this plugin will determine that those are pretty similar about and about us and it will suggest that it is a fix, it will suggest changing all those old links that went to be about that.

Now, go to about us and the broken links checker plugin also finds other errors on your website and if you want, if you uncheck this box, all the areas that have fine. So, be shows as broken links, even though some of them will not be. So, we usually keep this one, checked and when we have done all these settings and you are happy with what they are clicking on, Save Changes at the bottom and we have a few more tabs to go through at the top. So, at the top, we have a tab called Look for links in and here you specify where we are going to look for the links that are broken. If you have any questions related to Best Broken Link Checker WordPress Plugin For Better On-Page Optimisation, just let us know in the comment box below.

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