Best and Cheap WordPress Hosting Services for your blog

Best and Cheap WordPress Hosting Services for your blog: Today we are going to talk about website hosting. There can be a lot of confusion when you are looking for someone to host with and someone that just rely on is in the terminology that hosting companies use and other times it’s in the way they are marketing their hosting package. Right? So, we are just going to quickly go over this. This could be a very complicated topic, we are going to try to make it simple and we will just go over it.Best and Cheap WordPress Hosting Services for your blog

Given an overview of this, so quick, really quick. We are on a hosting page and this is HostGator. You can choose to go with other web hosting services as well. But, because we found HostGator to be best and cheap, we thought to proceed with this. Note: the ranking is not according to the best or cheap, it just contains the list of Top 10 best WordPress hosting services, as per our analysis.

  • Blue Host
  • Site Ground
  • WP Engine
  • Dream Host
  • InMotion Hosting
  • iPage
  • Green Geeks
  • A2 Hosting
  • Liquid Web
  • HostGator

They will host your website. When you host a website that means your website gets installed on their servers for all the web internet to see. So, you can see up here, they have something called web hosting, cloud hosting, WordPress hosting, reseller, VPS, dedicated servers and domains. These are all familiar terms, if you are a web developer or if you do a lot of work with hosts. Now, what we mean is to let’s go over here to Bluehost.

Another very popular hosting company. Go under hosting, here again, we see shared hosting, cloud hosting, WordPress hosting, woocommerce hosting, VPS hosting dedicated hosting and let’s go on one more. We will go to the You can see here where it says hosting, we are going to click on that little drop-down and there’s web hosting, word press hosting, VPS, virtual private hosting or server and dedicated server. So, they are all kind of selling the same thing. What do you need which services do you need to buy? This is the most important question right now.

The easiest website to navigate, so we are going to get just right away. You are not getting dedicated and you are not getting VPS unless you are a company that gets a lot of traffic and you are expecting a high volume of bandwidth to be used. Skip these two. Dedicated means you have your servers, one server dedicated to you – VPS stands for Virtual Private Server, which means a piece of the server’s resources are completely dedicated to your website and so we are not going to worry about those. So, this can be expensive as well.

Reseller is just – if you want to sell hosting, you know to worry about that, but here’s where the confusion comes in word press hosting, cloud hosting, website hosting, website hosting typically done on a shared platform often called Shared Hosting which means you can 20 other websites or whatever are going to share the hosts. You are going to share the server, you are going to share the resources, this, the processor speed the memory, the RAM and all other stuff gets shared between multiple web sites. And, if no one is hogging the wet, no one’s one website is hogging those resources.

It works out pretty good and typically what it does is – the hosting company will monitor that and make sure that nobody is sucking up all the resources more than someone else. Right, so they watch that for you, it’s usually the cheapest and it’s the easiest to use. Cloud hosting – Let’s go to another once. Since it doesn’t seem like – we are promoting, so cloud hosting, we will go here, typically cloud hosting has a little more resources available. They call it cloud hosting, but it’s still a server you are in.

It’s a kind of a misnomer, saying that it’s on the cloud because shared hosting is on the cloud. You are going to logging in somewhere, else to have it, but typically they have more resources available. Right? And you have a little bit control over how many resources you are using, so If you need more bandwidth or if you need more CPU, probably not CPU, but at least bandwidth and memory. If you need more of that, you could probably turn that up within your cloud hosting wherein shared hosting, you don’t have control over that. Most likely, for 80% of companies, you don’t have to worry about that.

But, you would like to have that control for little extra money, you can speed up your website and get some more resources dedicated to your platform and again cloud hosting is still a shared platform. You are still sharing hosting, the server with many other websites and then the other type of hosting. Now, this is the biggest misnomer. It’s the one that drives us nuts. Its WordPress hosting. Let’s go ahead and we are just going to click on WordPress hosting button.

We are done with web hosting, shared hosting, cloud hosting and WordPress hosting sounds great. We have a WordPress website installed. This is made for WordPress. We going to be fast. There are issues with this at least for us. When you get WordPress hosting, that’s dedicated to your WordPress website. That means, that host is adding on a whole bunch of features, a whole bunch of services, not product.

They are not adding much product or not making the memory faster or the disk space better or anything like that. They are adding services when they are adding services, that are already included within WordPress. So, what they are doing is – they are saying you log in to this. Even after reading this guide, if you hold any questions related to Best and Cheap WordPress Hosting Services for your blog, just make sure to let us know using the comment box given below.

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