How To Get Sponsored Post For Your Blog/ Website (In 2019)

How To Get Sponsored Post For Your Blog/ Website (In 2019) – In fact, this guide will be one of the best on internet, that will indirectly teach you how to convert your blog/ website from a simple reading page to a money-making machine. Well, at least you will be able to make a very good living on your blog. So, stay tuned till last. Earlier, we didn’t realize how big this topic can be. We thought, everyone, blogged because it was a way to get new clients, get new attention to their products, on their service. But apparently, not so for those of you, who are not making any money.How To Get Sponsored Post

How To Get Sponsored Post For Your Blog/ Website (In 2019)

You will be shocked to know that there exist companies, every member of which blog in the field of their knowledge/ specifications. And, people read those blogs, and their stuff happens to be what exactly is the need of the company. On the other way around, they create clients. So, that’s how blogging is used. But, in your case, if you are blogging because you love fashion, or you love automobiles and aftermarket products, you love sports, you love whatever it is that you’re blogging about and you want more time to do it.

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More time to go out and get exclusive stories. Well, you are going to need funding, you are going to need sponsors. This is how you get those sponsors, it’s simple. If you have been involved in any kind of traditional media, maybe you bought ads from a magazine, maybe you bought ads from a newspaper, from a TV show or a cable network or whatever it is. If you have ever bought ads before, you know that every media publication has salespeople, they, salesman know if you realize this.

But just because you own the New York Times, people don’t come flocking to you, not kidding. To pay you, to advertise in the New York Times, so why would you expect people since you have been blogging for two-three years. Companies, Company Owners, CEOs come flocking to you to advertise on your blog. They don’t do that. You have to go out and get them. But, it’s not that hard. We will give you an example, if you are a fashion blogger, contact Fowler’s Boutique. They are in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. They sell high-end men’s and women’s clothes, its like high-end clothes and high-end jeans – $300 shirts.

They have enough upscale part of San Diego on the beath, they need to sponsor fashion bloggers, they need to sponsor bloggers that can help sell their clothes. So, if you are a fashion blogger, contact owner. And then say Hey why don’t you try advertising on my website or blog for a month and if you like the response, because he has got a website open, this is another key if you are a food blogger and you walk up to a regional restaurant, that’s in San Antonio Texas and tell about your blog.

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Also, let him/ her know that you have got readers all around the world including Iran, China (name 4 more countries) and then say etc. Well, there it’s not going to help them right. So, we will find the companies actually, go through, do the hard work as a salesperson, actually would be your salesman. Do the hard work and find people who have e-commerce stores, online stores that are not that hard. All you have to do is do a search and Twitter. We will give you an example.

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If your business is all about automotive aftermarket parts, if that blogs about autos, auto parts or car’s performance, automobiles, etc. Go into Twitter and just do a Twitter search for sale, space Mercedes etc. You will find a ton of people that are on Twitter saying – there are a new sales for Mercedes intake or Mercedes exhaust or a Mercedes suspension kit. You need to figure out the syntax, you need to figure out the language that an e-commerce store would use. The word discount, they would use the word. But one, get one free and then use a pronoun or use some kind of noun, throw a noun in there that’s an anchor word for what they are trying to sell.

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So, we will give you one more example, if you are a food blogger, you blog about restaurants, the trouble with blogging about restaurant stuff is that – you are going a need, nationwide sponsors. So, what you could do is – type in “Pizza Shipping” or Pizza delivery etc. But, in this case, you will have to find the companies that ships all over the world, all over the countries. You have an international platform called your blog or YouTube channel. It’s global. So, don’t limit your mind to think country-wise only.

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If you live in Boston, Massachusetts and we know a couple of companies that do plumbing in Boston, Massachusets and you have got a blog about home furnishings and home remodelling and architecture. Great, well don’t go to the plumber in Boston Massachusetts, go to the plumber that has 50 different locations around the country. They’re easy to find. All you have to do is create the right Syntax, search Syntax for that kind of company.

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Contact them and say – Hey, I would be more than happy to give you a free month of advertising on my blog. If you like the traffic that you get, let’s work together to discuss a marketing campaign. Together we can get more customers, clients – that’s how you start collecting clients for sponsor post or guest post on your website. If you like the tips and tricks published in this guide, please make sure to share it with your friends. Also, if holding any questions regarding How To Get Sponsored Post For Your Blog/ Website (In 2019), just don’t forget to comment below and let us know the problem you’re facing.

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