Teamviewer Alternative: 10 Best Remote Desktop Software

Accessing your desktop from a remote location is very helpful as you can use your files and folders and manage them from any location. You can also help your clients by troubleshooting their problems remotely without you having to go to their location. It is done by using remote desktop software with the right tools that help you to connect with your acquaintances, friends and family with a high level of security. This software is very popular among the software developers as they can deploy their programs at any location remotely.

One of the popular remote desktop software is “Teamviewer”, which is widely used among many people for accessing the files remotely. However, there are numerous functions and modules that are being added regularly by the company that makes this software very complex to use. There are many other factors like glitches in the software, increasing fee and longer usage of bandwidth at both remote and client computers. Due to this, many users are looking for alternatives to Teamviewer software so that they can get a better tool to remotely access the files and folders. Let’s see some of the software that can be useful to remotely access the desktop and also to manage large computers.

Real VNC: It is a remote computer accessing software that has both client and server application and is built on Virtual Network Computing Framework. It is available in both free and paid versions and is one of the best remote desktop software for accessing other’s screen remotely. It allows you to connect to a single computer or multiple computers with a public IP address. Real VNC has powerful authentication system, which prevents unauthorized access.
LogMeIn Pro: It is other best remote access software that can be used as an alternative to Teamviewer software. It has various features like file sharing, printing documents and full remote access to the file and folders, which makes it a top Teamviewer alternative. This is widely used and popular among the people even though the free version was discontinued recently. It supports both Windows and Mac OS and is priced a little less than Teamviewer but has unique features compared to other similar software. is best remote access software developed by the developers of LogMeIn Pro. It is widely used by the large business that helps them to conduct remote meetings with many participants located anywhere in the world. It’s instant screen sharing and powerful meeting tools make it the best alternatives to Teamviewer. The paid version allows you to add up to 250 participants for the meeting and is the best software for the businesses with a large team spread across the globe.
Tight VNC: It is free desktop remote software that is used to see the remote desktop and control it with the help of a mouse and a keyboard normally. It is an open source software that is available for free to use personally or commercially. It can also automatically resize the screen resolution of host and client computers. You can also own the complete source code of this software for a fee and use the software for lifetime. Even in the free version, there is no limitation for using it legally.
Splashtop: This software is used primarily for accessing the media remotely as well as troubleshooting the problems. It is very easy to use and is supported by Windows OS, Android, iOS, MAC OS and Linux. It is best free remote access software if used personally and only up to computers. You can access your computer remotely on your Android or iOS once you setup the software on your PC.
Mikogo: Mikogo is one of the best remote desktop software that can be a good alternative to Teamviewer. It can be used both by businesses and individuals as well and this is completely browser based. Priced little higher for the businesses the software is cross-platform and can be used very well for meetings and the participants can use their smartphones to attend those meetings. It comes in 35 languages and can be used to share documents, swap the presenter and control the desktop remotely.

Radmin (Remote Administration): Radmin offers you to provide remote desktop access so that you can provide instant support to your clients located at a different location. Radmin also provides easy communication methods like chat messaging or voice chat. With the high level of security, the data transferred over the network are encrypted and can be one of the best remote access software.
WebEx free: This software helps you to connect with people using different systems remotely. WebEx from Cisco can be used for video Conferencing, scheduling in Outlook or hosting the meeting. The host of the meeting can also share the desktop to others so that they can control it with the help of mouse or keyboard. It is a premium business solution that also helps you to interact with others in a meeting.
ProxyPro: Proxy Pro software usually provides remote desktop solutions for the businesses and organizations that have numerous computers located at different locations.  It offers three different editions that are perfect for different sized organizations. It has various features that can make it the perfect alternative to Teamviewer. It has Stealth mode, Bandwidth control, Always On service are the features that are useful for remotely accessing the computers.
AMMYY Admin: It is free remote desktop software that comes as a small application and can be used by both individuals and businesses as well. It allows you to transfer the files, remotely access the desktop and also gives you the option to chat with other users. It is also very simple to set up and use and consumes fewer data compared to other tools. Another important feature is the security as it establishes a very secure connection and allows you to access the desktop remotely.

These are some of the alternatives to Teamviewer that can be used to access the desktop remotely. They also have additional features that come handy when you have large businesses or organizations.

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