6 Reasons Why You Should Switch To A POS system

Do you know what a POS can do for you? The point of sale system or as we will refer to, from now on, POS system is a highly automatized software in which the cashiers Input the products, tally the cost and simultaneously conduct a financial transaction. It is an advanced piece of technology that has been created to move from the traditional piece of POS system which took up a lot of time to clear a transaction with the customers. It is a clear evolution over the cash register. However, the POS system is so much more than that. There are plenty of POS system available at Shopify that you can select for your business use.
With an advanced POS system, you can track your inventory, create order lists and know all there is to know about your customers. Having this crucial information through your POS system will help you to build greater marketing strategies for your marketing campaigns. Modern POS systems can even offer you a little bit extra which is all the information will be at the fingertips of every user. This is done by putting the modern POS software on the cloud. The system is accessible even if the employer is away from the physical retail location. This way, they can anticipate the customer’s questions and offer them with a particular item which didn’t even know that they needed.

As an employer, the POS system which comes in the form of a cloud is very useful because you can identify your less successful sales staff. You can also provide them with training to those who needed the more so that everybody can at the at the same level, not knowledge -wise. Overall, a POS systems available on Shopify is one of the best decisions that you can make for your business especially if you’re running a retail location. If you were to look at online businesses such as Amazon and eBay, these are examples of businesses that have incorporated more advanced methods of payments on their website in order to cut the transaction timing to half.

If you are wondering why you should buy a POS system for your business, here are several reasons why.

Sales History: With a POS system, you can easily look up past transactions and discover which products are stuck on the shelf for weeks. You can also identify which products is your best seller. This makes inventory management much easier. A POS system is very useful to businesses today because what used to be manual work can be easily viewed in the form of charts, tables and integrated reports. These are important reports that your business needs to generate. The POS systems available on Shopify can generate these reports for you easily to increase the efficiency of your business.

Knowing which products are your best seller in which products sell less will help you to make the greater profit because you can push forward the products that you think your customers will like best. Consult with experts on Shopify today and find out how you can use the features available on their POS system for your business.

Inventory management : Inventory management used to be a time-consuming, expensive and for some people, it is a digital form of nightmare. Using the POS system available on Shopify, you can accurately view your inventory. If you are retail business owners selling general product items, you will understand that there are a lot of products which have multiple sizes, colors, flavors and volumes of other variations. You can know the accurate sales and purchase orders. You also know how much you have in stock for each product. You can also categorize your product based on the name, brand, supplier, SKU, color and a multitude of other categorisations not Shopify offers a multitude of POS systems that suit different type of businesses. Shopify understands the importance of customizing a POS system to the business because every POS system is different.

If that is not enough for you, a POS system can perform inventory coordination and also coordinate online store collections to organize the product catalog and adjust your inventorying. This type of integration is very useful especially for business owners that have a store both online and offline. This integration capability is something that you can find using the POS systems available on Shopify.

Sales in real-time: As we have mentioned earlier, even if you are not in the store, you can also access your back-office server room or remotely and know what is going on. What we are talking about here is reports in real-time. Overall sales, profit margin and many other specifications will be made available to you. The expert over at Shopify understands that employee year are constantly seeking for ways to improve their business and have more control over things that are happening even if they are not there. Therefore, the POS systems provided by the Shopify team is tailored to your business needs.

Now you can easily be somewhere else at ease because you can view what is going on in your store easily.

Saves time and money: Using the POS systems available on Shopify, you can effectively cut the transaction time to make your business more system. POS systems are way faster than manual cash registers. Everything from reading the product barcode to credit card transactions over the Internet will save you time, thus taking the customer in yourself a lot happier. Your employees will also feel very relaxed while doing that job because they are working with an advanced piece of machinery that can help them to work more efficiently. Go to Shopify today and find out the right POS system for your business or speak to one of the experts over at Shopify.

The kind of software that a POS system is allows you to add devices to make things quicker and make the sales faster. For example, electronic cash rollers, barcode scanners, credit card readers and receipt or invoice printers can be added to your POS systems. To find out more about how you can integrate these into your POS system, head over to Shopify today. There is no need for you to write down on a piece of paper or tally it up on a calculator. That is an outdated method to do a business transaction.

Sales tax and accounting made easy: You will have more financial control over your business because the POS system helps you do so. The POS system provider, Shopify will help you to do most or the entire work on how you can calculate tax based on the exact amount sold in your store. A POS software which in most cases come with integrated accounting modules, general ledger, counting accounts payable and receivable among other features. You also have access to an accounting software within your POS system if you specify it to have it so you have a more accurate way to manage it. You will know how much everybody owes you and when it is viewed also manage your installment plans and interest rates are that there are possibilities that you can explore in your business.

Easier for employees to work with it: If you have a lot of younger employees, they are born with electronic devices so it is much easier for them to get used to working with handheld devices, smartphones and computers. With the use of a POS system, your employees can easily get adapted to withdraw several training sessions or even some of them can understand how to use it within a few minutes of training. You can forget weeks or days of training that was necessary to get them used to the software. With a few hours of training they can be able to perform even the most advanced activities on it.

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