Easiest way to Embed a PDF in your Blogger Post Tutorial

Easiest way to embed PDF documents in your Blogger posts with the help of Google Drive.

There may arise a need when you want to show a PDF document in your blog post. If you wondering if it’s possible some way, let me clear this doubt for you: yes it is.

In this very post, we are going to see the easiest possible way to Embed PDFs in our Blogger blog posts.

Easiest way to Embed a PDF in Blogger Post

In order to embed or show a PDF document in our post, we first have to host it somewhere. I’ve used Google Drive, which is undoubtedly the best place to host files on web.

1. To upload the file, head over to drive.google.com, click the upload button and select the file option as show in the screenshot below:

Google Drive File Upload

A window will popup to browse files. Select your file to start the file upload.

2. As the uploading completes, we have our PDF file hosted on Google drive. Next, we need to do a slight change in the file permissions of our PDF to obtain an embed code for it to use publicly. Right click on the file and choose Share from the popup menu.

Google Drive Share File

3. In the dialog so opened, move to the Advanced part of the Sharing settings.

4. Now, look for the Change… link in the Who has access section.

This will bring you to the file’s privacy settings.

5. We have to change the access of our file from private to public. Select “On – Public on the web” and click the save button.

6. Finally, grab the link of your PDF from the Share settings dialog.

7. Now, observe the following code:

 <iframe src=" https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2MISW7jvFMIc3RhcnRlcl9maWxl/view?usp=sharing " 
width="600" height="300"></iframe>

Replace the highlighted area in the above code to your copied link. The final code will be the embed code for our PDF.

8. Now, in your Blogger dashboard, create a new post, set it to the HTML mode, and paste the final code into it.

That’s it! Publish/Preview the post to see the embedded PDF document in action. You may move the embed code in the post editor anywhere you wish to show the PDF.

Our embedded file will have some decent options like print, zoom, download, feedback etc. as demonstrated below:

Further, you may modify the width and height attributes in the embed code to align the embedded PDF according to your need.

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