About Google AdWords Fundamentals Test 2017

Google AdWords fundamental examination tests the exam takers about
  1. The basic and intermediate aspects of online advertising and AdWords,
  2. Benefits of online advertising,
  3. How to set up and manage an AdWords campaign and
  4. How to measure and optimize campaign’s performance.

AdWords Fundamental Study Guide:

Google AdWords fundamental study guide covers three modules and they are listed below.
Module 1: Understanding the value of online advertising
1.1 Benefits of online advertising and AdWords
1.2 Google’s advertising networks
1.3 Where your ads can appear
1.4 The quality of your ads
1.5 What you pay
Module 2: Setting up AdWords campaign
2.1 Choosing a campaign type
2.2 Structuring your campaign
2.3 targeting your audience
2.4 Setting bids and campaigns
2.5 Creating ad group
2.6 Tools to plan a campaign
Module 3: Measuring and Optimizing Site performance
3.1 Measure your results
3.2 tools to measure your performance
3.3 Evaluate metrics relevant to your goals
3.4 Optimize your campaign
You can learn this modules from Google Partners help page.
After learning modules read this PDF for quick revision before attempting the exam.

About Adwords Fundamental exam:

  • Exam Duration: You will have 120 minutes to complete 100 multiple choice and true/false questions.
  • Exam Pass %: You need to get a score of 80% or higher to pass.
If you have got less  the qualifying marks (less than 80%) you need to wait for one week to reattempt the test.
You can attempt the test by visiting this link.

About AdWords Certifications:

AdWords certification will given for the exam takers passing the Adwords Fundamentals exam and one of the other AdWords advertising exams mentioned.
  1. Search Advertising exam
  2. Display Advertising exam
  3. Video advertising exam
  4. Shopping Advertising exam
  5. Mobile Advertising exam
Complete exam study guides for preparing the above mentioned Google AdWords exams can be found here.

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