Spy Software for Whatsapp Messenger

Whatsapp the messaging app used by billion of peoples in the world, which allows for texting and Call another WhatsApp user for free over the internet and soon Video calling will be also available out for this messaging app. So spying on these messaging app is a must for everyone but there are only a few such tools which let you spy on them, but don’t worry we are going to reveal the top 3 tracking apps for WhatsApp messenger.

Before buying such tool you should first read the reviews of another user their experience about this tools, relevancy of such type of tool that it will send all the details to you, it should also work in a stealth mode which means the user should not identify that such fishy app is installed on their device, the app should not be seen in application manager or by any form of the device if he somehow gets to know, he will try to remove it anyway.

Such tool should allow you to spy on their chats history even after it is deleted, the incoming and outgoing media stuffs such like images and video and also the Recording of Whatsapp Calls and also some extensive features like which group you joined and which groups you left out and the location of the device from where you doing all these stuff and you are able to access it anywhere anytime from your browser dashboard just by logging into it.

Here are some tools

1. Mspy: Mspy not only allow to track WhatsApp messenger but also apps like Wechat, vibe, line, skype, facebook and other social media messaging apps, parental control, theft protection and location tracking they provide an easy to use dashboard in which you are able to see all the tracking related stuff and which has an easy to use GUI.

2. Cell Phone Spy: Cell Phone Spy by Refog it is one of the best and upcoming tools which let you track Call recording, call logs and when you unlock the device the selfie will be capture, SMS message, website visited history, location tracking, sim change alert, stealth mode and much more with an easy to use GUI which you can access all these stuff from a website browser.

3. Mobistealth: This tool provides majority if the same feature from the above 2 tools but it has a less sort of feature as compared to both just like it does not have unlocking life feature and can’t track some of the social media apps perfectly.

Final verdict: In the above post I listed out the top 3 Tools which are available on the market I will recommend going with the Mspy and Cell Phone Spy but you should go with your needs and your budget for spying the person. If you have more tools like these don’t forget to comment below and share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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